Division One
28th October 1995

Att: 10,281
READING TEAM: Woods, Brown, Kerr, Bernal, Williams, Codner (Morley), Gilkes, Gooding, Quinn (Nogan h/t), Lovell, Meaker (Lambert)

Oh dear. I think we were rather shite on Saturday. This could be a gross under-exaggeration on my part but there you go. I was unable to go to the game and all I heard was obviously biased (maybe) Broadland local radio coverage. I think it was better that way. Maybe less painful. So we sink yet again to 18th. I don't think we'll get relegated but who knows?

Ipswich could have had double figures.

This was Ipswich's first league away win for 10 and a half months and they didn't just win either.

Following the loss of one of their key players about 5 minutes before the break, Ipswich looked more likely to capitalise. And they did just 2 minutes later to go in 1-0 up at the break. Things looks rather bright after 63 minutes when we pulled the game level. Gooding took the ball wide and put over a low cross to Archie Lovell. Lovell held off the challenge of two defenders before calmly side-footing into the net.

This moment of glory was (very) shortlived. Ipswich took the ball down the other end, and beat Readings rather shite attempt at the offside trap, to regain the lead.

The rest was all one way traffic and Reading gave up. With five minutes of the game (!) remaining a cross came in and Ipswich Town made it 3-1 with a far post header. In injury time it was 4. Surely Shep could have made a better attempt? The away sides wingers tore Reading to pieces and the Royals defence might as well not have been there. I think we need to sign a midfielder.

Heres another report from Julian Robinson:

Another game, another defeat. Reading were today beaten by an average Ipswich side who would have scored six or seven if it were Sheps in goal and not Woods.

For those that can remember them, think back the the dark days of Branfoot, and remember the worst game that you went to (Reading 0 Chesterfield 0 for example), add to that Robert Codner and you may go half way to imagining Reading's performance today. I will leave a match report to anyone depressed enough to write one, but I will say that Ipswich's second goal was well onside - I was level - It was one against four - Reading's defence flat and stationary, the Ipswich striker running through and several yards onside when the ball was played - OK he was ten yards clear when he touched the ball.....

It is now November, one third the way through the season and STILL Reading have no midfield. Osborne has left, and who fills his gap? - A player who was rejected by Brighton for being too c**p"! - No complaints about Codner he did his best today - but his best is woefully short of what Reading need in a crucial position. Meaker saw more than his fair share of the ball today but was unable to do anything with it.

In short, it is ESSENTIAL that Jim, Mick, and Madj get together and get one or two QUALITY midfielders into the club, and FAST, or else Reading could be playing in the best stadium ever to grace the lower divisions.

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