Hob Nob Match Report

29 August 1998
Chesterfield 1 Reading 0


Howie, Booty, Primus, Parkinson, Gray, Houghton, Brebner, Caskey, Sarr, Fleck, Reilly.

Phil Parkinson

Match Audio
GOAL 1: Chesterfield...  

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You don't really want to read a report on this one do you??

Some comments from Jeff Kirkpatrick:

Two major problems on Saturday: lack of penetration and dodgy defence (Linvoy aside). I have to disagree with what was said about getting in good positions and then not putting the ball in the box; we simply did not get into the right areas to cross the ball. There's no point in working it wide, then passing back to the full-back to lob a hopeful ball in from midway between the half-way line and by-line - this is just too easy to defend against. You need to get behind the full-backs and cross so that the centre-backs are running towards their own goal when they clear.

We cannot do this whilst we have Houghton and Reilly out wide - neither has the pace or the ability to beat the full-back. Consequently, when we had possession near the Chesterfield goal we had no way of breaking them down. A frustrating feature of the game was our unwillingness to run at the opposition, even when given twenty yards of space.

Reading were truly dire on Saturday but so were Chesterfield. The most depressing aspect of the game was the prospect of a season or more of this standard of football. I can't say that I'm surprised, however; when I said before the season started that we probably wouldn't be very good at the start, I meant precisely that and, yes, so far we are no bloody good at all! And don't expect the appearance of Murty or Polston to make much difference at first either - this is going to be a long process and the sooner we get used to that idea the better.


Thanks to Neil Maskell for these details:

Would all those who said that we would piss all over this division like their humble pie with Ice cream?

This latest 'performance' was complete and utter drivel. Again, we have not looked like even bothering the home 'keeper, and once more a Reading away game has become even more painful viewing than 'Godzilla'. We were so inept that it was almost embarassing, and the fact is that, ex-Celtic manager or not, Tommy Burns' current side is on a par with most of Bullivant's offerings. Not one player wanted to take any responsibility in the middle of the park. The likes of Houghton and Caskey looked particularly shabby. Up front, Fleck failed to win anything on the air or on the ground and as for Mass Sarr......

Here (for what it's worth) is my verdict on our 'First XI'.....

Howie - 6. Flapped about a little, a la van der Kwaak.

Booty - 5. Oh dearie me. Distribution poor. Consistently ran ragged by Chesterfield's left flank. Understanding with 'flying winger' Houghton zero

Gray - 6. Distribution also poor.

Brebner - 6. None of the recent swagger. Disappointing.

Parky - 7. Someone gives a toss at least.

Primus - 6. Ups and downs. Not as composed as against Luton.

Houghton - 5. Found only Booty all afternoon. Looking ragged.

Caskey - 4. Why is this clown our Captain (and therefore chief-motivator)?

Fleck - 5. Worked hard, but failed to win anything of significance, both on the ground or on the air.

Reilly - 3. Who the hell is this guy?

Sarr - 5. Next time you feel you can't be arsed, pal, would you let me know before I make the effort to travel 180-odd miles?

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