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Win Snatched With Late Penalty

09 September 2016
By Hob Nob Anyone?

A stoppage time penalty from Danny Williams pushed the Royals temporarily into third spot in the Championship. It was a fitting climax to game full of controversy in which referee Simpson awarded three penalties. Ipswich had worked hard to stifle Reading's attempts to pass their way through midfield from the back but McCleary gave Reading the lead from the spot on the stroke of half time. Four minutes in to second half Ipswich were level through Pitman also from the penalty spot. Until the award of the third penalty the game hung in the balance as Ipswich came back strongly in the second half. It must have been devastating for Ipswich who must have thought they had done enough to take point.


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» 09 Sep 2016 23:00

Despite the fact we largely dominated the game I put that down as a lucky win courtesy of a ref who was equally as shit for both sides.

The first half we looked pretty good and Beerens should have taken one or maybe 2 of his chances to put us ahead. Second half it was like Ipswich had sussed us out and completely nullified us. It looked like they came for the point and if they'd of been more clinical they could have got 3.

Of the team my MOTM was probably Joey with AVH a close second. No real stand out performers but I wonder how Evans and Williams get picked ahead of Quinn. The subs were largely down to (very soft) bookings but they largely improved us and seemed the right changes, although I'd of liked to have seem Ainsley on.

Roll on Tuesday.


» 09 Sep 2016 23:12

Not sure what role the ref played. Both our pens looked pretty clear cut.

 Pepe the Horseman

» 09 Sep 2016 23:14

Yup. Only dodgy one was theres.


» 09 Sep 2016 23:14

8 fouls. 5 yellow cards.


» 09 Sep 2016 23:24

Very happy to grind out another result - as we well know, it's how you do well in this division.

I'm one of the patient party; and I don't mind performances like today. Keeping possession and getting the goal before half time, at the break I felt we were dominant in the first half.

Lo and behold a goal against us straight after half time (unfair against Blackett IMO) brought us back down to earth and we went for a different tactic to please the boo boys.

Yes, Ipswich had a couple more chances but as did we. We could have been 2 or 3 up before HT.

Went batshit crazy when Williams put away the pen at the end. It was a clear penalty going by the new rules.

I'm pleased Stam has got the defence sorted out - further up the field is very much a work in progress. But the attacking players will get there; with some young talent there to turn to as the season progresses, I'm optimistic. Players like Harriott and Samuel may even get a chance on Tuesday, shame about Meite.

Bring on Brum.


» 09 Sep 2016 23:25

Didn't you know that all refs are dodgy?


» 09 Sep 2016 23:28

Just back, not seen any replays but was sat right in line with their pen and it looked nailed on to me. Blackett prevented Pitman from getting a jump and could totally see why the ref gave it.

Saw the tv in the bar with no sound and was surprised to see Roy get MOM. For me it was Joey by a country mile.


» 09 Sep 2016 23:36

One for dissent and one for getting in a fight when the ball was out of play, neither of which count as fouls. I don't think he had any choice with Evans, Moore, and (assuming the foul was correct) Blackett.

Not an inspiring match. A draw would have been fair but we were marginally the better side.

Strange subs from Stam - would have brought the same players off but with Swift on for Evans and then Harriott on for McCleary.

We need to have more patience. It was clear that the long balls weren't working so we should have got the midfield involved earlier in the build up.

Joey played very well but needs to get that temper under control. Beerens also had a good match although he faded a bit. Kermogant linked play well but we need more bodies in the box, particularly when he drifts into the channels. Moore was our best defender by a stretch.


» 09 Sep 2016 23:39

Enjoyed the winning
JVDB showed his experience after the initial dust up in the box - a pointless but purposeful run, had to be stopped and only one way to do it


» 09 Sep 2016 23:44

Al Habsi - 8 made a couple of good saves, seemed calm when he had the ball at his feet
Gunter - 7 always seems to give his man to long to get a cross in
Moore - 7 looked solid, seemed comfortable bringing the ball out of defence, a couple of wayward long range diagonals let him down
McShane - 7 solid, again same as Moore looked OK on the ball
Blackett - 8 don't understand some of the criticism on the radio, looked good filling in at CB when they moved forward and was linking well with Beerena. Very soft own given against him.
VDB- 8 seemed to be everywhere in the second half, great to watch but he will pick up 15+ bookings this year
Evans - 7 from my angle it looked like he got some of the ball in the challenge but seeing again was lucky to stay on. That being said thought he was unlucky to be taken off
Williams - 6 gets the ball head down and runs in to trouble. Repeat this 6/7 times in the second half
Beerens - 7 had the beating of man every time in the first half. Nothing in the box to pick out
Mcleary - 7 looked dangerous in the first half and went missing in the second
Kermogant - 5 miss controls it and precedes to slate the pass. Flicks on to space that he knows nobody is going to be in and doesn't close down there defence. Our system won't fully work whilst he is in the team


» 09 Sep 2016 23:44

Really do not know how Kerm is going to play week in week out 90 mins, hopefully that will change, he looked like he faded after 60 mins!

Swift looked decent when he came on, would have thought he be pushing for a starting berth on Tuesday.

I can see the performances improving although I think the passing at the back especially to Ali looked suspect, put alot of pressure on him which he didn;t cope well with!


» 09 Sep 2016 23:50

Frustrated again with the lack of movement in attacking areas. All the play is too static and played in front of their defence, we need to play with a bit more tempo, have players dropping short, running in behind. Everything we did came from the flanks to little avail. Our set piece delivery was pretty woeful as well.

Think Moore is brilliant and started off a lot of our attacks by him carrying the ball out of defence - something that lacked before him. Thought everyone did ok but Williams, goal aside, was poor for me. Offers energy but has ZERO footballing brain. Constantly runs into danger and loses the ball, would much rather see Quinn and Swift start either side of VDB. Whilst a draw probably would have been a fair result very happy with the win and still unbeaten at home.

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