The Strange Soccer Story Collection

Zero Man Defense Wins Game!
Submitted By: Eddie Holt

There was a soccer match between two under-16 teams in a town in Middle Tennessee. One team was good, and the other team was miserably pathetic, and frequently lost matches 10-0. After the half, realizing that his team might actually come close to winning after being down by only 3 points, the eager but inexperienced coach of the worst team in the league tried something different. He told every player save the goalie to keep himself on the offensive half with hopes that the other team would choke under the pressure of having no defence to go up against. Sure enough, when the awestruck team tried to dribble down the bare naked half of the field, some idiot would get excited (remember, they were 15 year- olds) and make himself offsides, and when the ball got on the other half, the ridiculous amount of offence would naturally force the ball into the goal. The worst team in the league won their first game using the ever popular "remove-your-whole-defense-and- watch-the-other-team-choke" trick.
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