The Strange Soccer Story Collection

Look No Shorts!
Submitted By: K.C. Crabb

I am a coach for one of the oldest and most prestigious soccer clubs in Dallas, Texas. In a state cup game last year one of my players scored the go ahead goal in over-time during our state cup match with her shorts around her knees.

My outside midfielder was one of the fastest girls in state and was being covered in the final by one of the slowest girls in the state. The girl knew once the ball was sent through the middle of the 18 yd. box that she was beaten and that she was beaten bad... She reached out her arm and pulled my players shorts down to her knees, but did not break her stride. The referee gave advantage and she pushed the ball past the keeper into the far post side. My player did not realize the extent to which she was exposed until she turned around and started running towards her team-mates and tripped over her own shorts.

We won our regional and went on to nationals.

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