The Strange Soccer Story Collection

Gratifyingly curious experience
Submitted By: Mark Pendleton

My son plays left forward on a U-14 team here in Las Cruces New Mexico USA. Recently during the city championship tournament (which they won for their age bracket) he had a gratifyingly curious experience. He received a cross from the right forward, dribbled around the defender who was marking him and shot on goal. The keeper caught it. Now comes the curious part. My son was only about 5 yards away, and watched in wonder as the keeper set the ball down and walked away in preparation for a goal kick. Christopher decided that he'd take advantage of this "gift". He walked up to the ball, and as the goalie turned around to take his goal kick, calmy tapped the ball into the opposite corner of the goal. This was the goal which sparked a comeback from losing 4-0 to a 4-4 draw. None of us who saw this will forget it for a long time.
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