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by windjammer
02 Jul 2009 11:01
Forum: Rumours and Gossip
Topic: RUMOUR - Nathan Tyson to return
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Re: Nathan Tyson to return

A FIT Tyson would be an asset in the Championship as one of a squad of strikers including Tommy Smith but FIT is the operative word. Simon Cox would be a better bet but more expensive of course. Has he (Cox) gone to WBA yet?
by windjammer
30 Jun 2009 16:38
Forum: The Team
Topic: Terms of the Doyle deal
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Re: Terms of the Doyle deal

£6 and a half million in undated 20p pieces should do the trick !!!!! More to the point how much do we have to pay Cork City as part of any sale on deal ?
by windjammer
11 Jun 2009 12:44
Forum: Rumours and Gossip
Topic: RUMOUR - Lee Bowyer
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Re: RUMOUR - Lee Bowyer

While we are at it let's sign Joey Barton too............NO WAY, we might not be the best team in the world but we do have some kind of reputation, scruffy little Irishmen aside
by windjammer
19 Jan 2009 12:59
Forum: The Team
Topic: Blades bid for Lita
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Re: Blades bid for Lita

Shane Long will be slagged off until he actually does something with his Reading career. At the moment it equates to nothing more than Tyson or Henderson did in their time here Neither Tyson or Henderson were given the chances that Long has had. Granted they were both under a different manager, the...
by windjammer
17 Jul 2008 22:24
Forum: The Team
Topic: Kitson signs for Stoke for £5.5 million
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Re: Rumour - Kitson to Wigan/Stoke

OS now showing Kitson goals under the title "Madejski and Motson open the new media centre" !!!! Somebody at the club not waiting for tomorrow. Seriously I am suprised he's going to Stoke who must be vying with Hull for the "can we get more points than Derby" prize. Come 2009-201...
by windjammer
16 Jul 2008 22:36
Forum: The Team
Topic: Havant & Waterlooville friendly
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Re: Havant & Waterlooville friendly

Not a very convincing result tbh...This Havant & Waterlooville side don't sound too bad though! Anyone know where they finished in the League last season? Some people have short memories, don't you remember them giving Liverpool one hell of a scare at Anfield in the Cup? Maybe not with this tea...
by windjammer
16 Jul 2008 10:37
Forum: The Team
Topic: .
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Re: Meanwhile, in other news......

He doesn't want to miss the Palace games and his old friend Colin....
by windjammer
20 May 2008 10:40
Forum: Rumours and Gossip
Topic: RUMOUR - Doyle to Aston Villa £4 million
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Re: RUMOUR - Doyle to Aston Villa £4 million

i reckon if clubs come in with half decent bids for any of these players we shoud accept and use the money to rejig i cant see much point in going into another season with the same squad having said that 4 mill for doyle is undervalued I understand what you are saying but fear that the more change ...
by windjammer
18 Feb 2008 11:24
Forum: Club Policies
Topic: Kyocera sponsorship renewed and a new hooped away kit.
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Re: Kyocera sponsorship renewed and a new hooped away kit.

I've heard that Kyocera are pulling out of football altogether, not just the Royals and the MadStad, but also Borussia Munchen Gladbach and Athletico Madrid and their other clubs. They are pulling out not the Royals saying no. I've also heard it's either Vodafone or Fuijitsu, both with local links. ...
by windjammer
28 Jan 2008 21:29
Forum: The Team
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So where does this leave James Henry?

Now that Kebe has signed presumably Henry will go out on loan again and then in a season's time (or less) be let go just like Simon Cox is about to (allegedly). Another great success for Royals Academy. When will we see one of them becoming a REGULAR member of the first team squad as opposed to the ...
by windjammer
23 Jan 2008 17:39
Forum: The Team
Topic: Forgotten Men of the Madejski Era
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Re: Forgotten Men of the Madejski Era

That Swindon game that someone mentioned was Roget's only start, and Phil Whitehead was such a late inclusion, he had to borrow a swindon goalie top Was that the game that was a thunderous 0-0 draw? Despite the scoreline it was a great game with 3 sent off, ours was Sammy Igoe if I'm right. As far ...
by windjammer
22 Jan 2008 12:27
Forum: The Team
Topic: Anybody else preparing to opt out next season?
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Re: Anybody else preparing to opt out next season?

The Premier League and its pricing and top four winning everything reflect the country as a whole. This is (and always has been) rip off Britain, most expensive energy, water, transport, highest stealth taxes (conning us by saying it's for the good of the planet). The average man in the street is li...
by windjammer
07 Nov 2007 10:27
Forum: The Team
Topic: Adam Federici
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With Jamie Ashdown warming the bench at Pompey, not likely to get past James unless he's injured how about an offer for Ashdown in January? He should never have left Royals. he had deputised for around 10 games at the end of the 2003-2004 season was it? Or 2004-2005? USA was injured, Ashdown did a g...
by windjammer
01 Oct 2007 17:55
Forum: The Team
Topic: Coppell loses it
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Coppell's decisions in the close season and up to the transfer window closing have proven to be wrong as they have left us with a squad struggling to compete at this level. I suspect January will be too late to rectify the problems as, if you struggle to attract player pre season afetr you've just ...
by windjammer
17 May 2007 17:40
Forum: The Team
Topic: Pin this on the dressing room wall
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Err... I would suggest that both Celtic and Rangers would beat this Reading team. (Fair point about the rest). He can play in front of bigger, more passionate crowds. Get paid more. Earn more bonuses. And play against the best team in Europe... Not really a hard decision is it? And lose to the best...
by windjammer
11 May 2007 10:30
Forum: The Team
Topic: Biscuitmen to Royals...
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Yes, first of all the bastard Tories took the north of Berkshire away and gave it to Oxfordshire and gave us Slough in return. Some exchange. Then they decided that County Councils had too much power, so broke all the Counties up into unitary authorities and town boroughs (eg Bracknell Forest). Div...
by windjammer
06 May 2007 10:59
Forum: The Team
Topic: Ingimarsson
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Well done to Ingimarsson

Thoroughly deserved as most people have said. It's reasonable to assume that when Sonko is fully fit next season that he and Ingi will be first choice centrebacks, initially at least. Why therefore in these last few games when Sir Steve has said he wants to try things out for next season as he not g...
by windjammer
30 Apr 2007 22:59
Forum: The Team
Topic: The Unsung Hero?
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agreed, brilliant display! Can i recommend another special mention for De La Cruz, he's changed my view of him and had another excellent game, understands the other players more and more and reads the game very well! Nice one! Agree 100% about De La Cruz. He has rarely let Royals down when called u...
by windjammer
16 Apr 2007 22:30
Forum: The Team
Topic: lets get hughes back
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Lets get Curo back, and im being serious. i agree. let's sell doyle an use the cash to buy curo Cureton would be an excellent 4th striker on a one year contract, he would jump at the chance to prove he could cut it in the Premiership, after all his old Bristol mate Jason Roberts, Reading0-6Bristol ...
by windjammer
16 Apr 2007 22:10
Forum: The Team
Topic: Where are they now?
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Barry the bird boggler I lost track of Dylan Kerr after he left Kilmarnock.... and is Archie still at Queen of the South?

Archie no longer plays and I believe he is now a TV pundit on Scots games for Setanta Sports. Dylan Kerr was in the States coaching at one point but I believe he is now back in the UK.
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