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by peterroyal76
22 Oct 2015 17:10
Forum: Club Policies
Topic: Funniest chant heard?
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Re: Funniest chant heard?

No Fixed Abode I was at the Chelsea v Nottingham Forest match where "He's got a pineapple on his head" was sung for the first time. 8)

Damon Albarn found it hysterical .

I thought you were a Reading fan in those days?
by peterroyal76
20 Oct 2015 11:29
Forum: The Team
Topic: Do you rate Lucas Piazon?
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Re: Do you rate Lucas Piazon?

Yes I rate him. He looks lightweight, but he did a lot of good things on Saturday. Some of his runs on Saturday weren't helped by the runs others made off of him.
by peterroyal76
25 Sep 2015 19:54
Forum: Club Policies
Topic: McCoys Crips ticket promotion
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Re: McCoys Crips ticket promotion

Cheers Stuka!
by peterroyal76
18 Sep 2015 17:44
Forum: The Team
Topic: Worst Keeper
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Re: Worst Keeper

Nick Colgan for me.......oxford away.........shakes head.
by peterroyal76
15 Sep 2015 10:23
Forum: Club Policies
Topic: Fulham away
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Re: Fulham away

Nameless And of course it should be possible to stand next to a fan from the other team and not spit at him or stab him.

What if they're asking for it?
by peterroyal76
11 Sep 2015 17:05
Forum: The Team
Topic: Jim and Mick
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Re: Jim and Mick

Mick Gooding ... and is now a highly acclaimed radio commentary pundit! Really, maybe when he's not moaning about the drive to and from games. I find him depressing to listen to. Better than Kevin Dillon who i find boring as hell to listen to This, he still seem aggrieved he's not working for the c...
by peterroyal76
07 Sep 2015 15:25
Forum: The Team
Topic: Current Opponents' Players v RFC
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Re: Current Opponents' Players v RFC

John Stead? I know he didn't score against for Bradford last season, but he always seemed to score against us.
by peterroyal76
01 Sep 2015 19:18
Forum: General Football
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A bit after the event but I did a £5 nine game acca on Sunday and cashed out £440 with about 10-15 minutes left after the last game. If I'd waited until the final whistle it would of been £501. I should of waited but my bottle went!
by peterroyal76
30 Aug 2015 16:58
Forum: Rumours and Gossip
Topic: SPACULATION - Michu
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Re: Michu

On 40k a week!
by peterroyal76
22 Aug 2015 19:38
Forum: General Football
Topic: The Non - League thread
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Re: Non - League thread 2015/16

I went to watch Burnham today, lost 1-3 after being one up at half time.
by peterroyal76
20 Aug 2015 17:21
Forum: The Team
Topic: Flags for Bond?
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Re: Flags for Bond?

No Fixed Abode Following last nights horrendous error - are we going to do flags for Bond this coming Saturday v MK Dons?

I'm up for it.

We? Have you turned you back on chelski then?

Flags for chelski
by peterroyal76
12 Aug 2015 15:05
Forum: The Team
Topic: Nick Blackman
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Re: Nick Blackman

I like him although I acknowledge he hasn't been great for us. He's played in plenty of different positions too.
As for his celebration at Derby I don't blame him to be honest.
by peterroyal76
12 Aug 2015 15:01
Forum: The Team
Topic: Nick Blackman
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Re: Nick Blackman

No Fixed Abode He's pretty much as sh1t as Kebe was. Yet one is h8ed and one is loved.

by peterroyal76
09 Aug 2015 11:43
Forum: The Team
Topic: New Football League highlights Show
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Re: New Football League highlights Show

Martin Allen looked a bit embarrassed to be there at times.
by peterroyal76
05 Aug 2015 17:27
Forum: Club Policies
Topic: Brentford away - 29/8/15
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Re: Brentford away - 29/8/15

Not planning on going to any home games this season and only a few aways...........but IN!
by peterroyal76
19 Jun 2015 16:10
Forum: The Team
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^ exactly!

Some people really need to get a grip, I would of thought most players are still on holiday.
by peterroyal76
13 Jun 2015 17:12
Forum: Rumours and Gossip
Topic: Steve Clarke's budget talks with owners
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Re: Steve Clarke's budget talks with owners

I won't believe it until I see Fordham writing about it in the sun.
by peterroyal76
11 Jun 2015 18:31
Forum: Rumours and Gossip
Topic: SPECULATION - Roger Johnson
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Re: Roger Johnson

Past it 4 years ago.
by peterroyal76
03 Jun 2015 18:30
Forum: The Team
Topic: Pearce to Derby - CONFIMRED
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Re: Pearce to Leeds

I don't really have an issue with this. He's been ok for us and he obviously wasn't happy with the contract offer, but he has no pace and if Derby are happy enough to pay him big bucks then more fool them and good luck to him.
by peterroyal76
20 May 2015 15:15
Forum: Rumours and Gossip
Topic: Rumour - David Forde
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Re: Rumour - David Forde

No thanks.
It is currently 21 Sep 2021 16:14