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by blythspartan
31 Jul 2017 19:32
Forum: Rumours and Gossip
Topic: Rumour - Naki wells
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Re: Rumour - Naki wells

I really hope we don't sign him. The last thing we need is another injured striker.

i liked the young player that burst on to the scene for Bradford who we could have signed for a reasonable fee but not now.
by blythspartan
30 Jul 2017 11:06
Forum: Rumours and Gossip
Topic: Players you'd like us to sign thread
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Re: Players you'd like us to sign thread

I'd like a season long loan bid for Danny Ings.

I can't see him getting much game time at Liverpool and because of his past injuries, I wouldn't want us to sign him permanently just yet.
by blythspartan
26 Jul 2017 19:23
Forum: The Team
Topic: The 2017/18 season preview/expectation and build up thread
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Re: The 2017/18 season preview/expectation and build up thread

13th with the current striking options, as the defence will always be under pressure trying to keep a clean sheet. I just hope that Yann can make a swift recovery.

2nd if we can bring in 2 more decent stikers and a winger with a lot of pace.
by blythspartan
25 Jul 2017 19:22
Forum: The Team
Topic: Transfer fees out of control
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Re: Transfer fees out of control

Transfer fees are crazy at the moment and as only 3 teams can get promoted spending big in the Championship is a big risk. In recent years, I think Brentford have made some cracking signings at fairly low risk prices and have been able to sale most of them on for a healthy profit. We have signed a f...
by blythspartan
20 Jul 2017 09:21
Forum: The Team
Topic: CONFIMRED - Modou Barrow
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Re: Rumour - Modou Barrow

This could be a great signing for us. We have really been missing a very quick direct player for a while now. I never quite get the no end product critiscm, as many very quick players e.g. Aaron Lennon have no end product. What they can do is panic defences and help other players find room, If they ...
by blythspartan
19 Jul 2017 13:21
Forum: The Team
Topic: CONFIMRED - Vito Mannone
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Re: Rumour - Vito Mannone

I think he's a great signing for £2m. He was Sunderland's player of the season a couple of years ago. He rightly lost his place to Pickford, and look at him now. All keepers will make mistakes at times but usually more than most will make up for them during the course of a season. Some Championship ...
by blythspartan
05 Jul 2017 11:33
Forum: Rumours and Gossip
Topic: RUMOUR: Gunter to Boro
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Re: RUMOUR: Gunter to Boro

Really pleased with this news.

Why do so many fans dislike Gunter so much? Please name all the better right backs we have had at this club?
by blythspartan
12 Mar 2017 16:26
Forum: The Team
Topic: Back from listening to the game v preston on the radio
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Re: Back from listening to the game v preston on the radio

I was really heartened with our performance against Newcastle but I just had a feeling we'd lose this one. Especially as Liam Moore was injured in that game and for me he has been our player of the season. I don't love our style of football yet but to have a chance of making the playoffs with 9 game...
by blythspartan
17 Feb 2017 14:51
Forum: Club Policies
Topic: Attendances
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Re: Attendances

For me the football hasn't been great to watch but it is improving. I am no longer a season ticket holder but I still go to a fair few games. Just think my overall love for football has waned over the last few years. I just don't like seeing the way some of the players behave these days, especially ...
by blythspartan
29 Jan 2017 11:25
Forum: The Team
Topic: BFTG - Cardiff
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Re: BFTG - Cardiff

It's been a very strange season. We don't look a team that should be 3rd in the league. We always look vulnerable at the back like we could concede goals. And we don't create lots of chances up front to put games out of sight and guarantee the points. We just get the odd chance here and there and s...
by blythspartan
13 Jan 2017 14:13
Forum: The Team
Topic: Stam Interview on BBCRB
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Re: Stam Interview on BBCRB

I like Stam but I have to say that I have been to 11 games this season and I honestly wonder how on earth we have got to third place in the league. Last Sunday morning I watched Fulham at Cardiff and they are where I would love us to be in terms of playing football. Possession football with purpose,...
by blythspartan
10 Sep 2016 11:09
Forum: The Team
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+1 Agreed

This is a new team learning a new style football and although at times it's a little tedious, we look like we will be safe this season, which is a real bonus for me.

Simple answer when the booing starts drown out the noise with some cheering. It was too quiet yesterday,
by blythspartan
16 Jul 2016 10:47
Forum: The Team
Topic: Are you getting excited yet?
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Re: Are you getting excited yet?

Yeah,in CW I trust as he seems pretty positive about Stam and from what he has seen so far. He is the best reporter we have ever had following the club. When I think about where we could have been after AZ's ownership of us, surely you have to be excited about things at the moment. As mentioned abov...
by blythspartan
10 Jun 2016 13:46
Forum: General Football
Topic: Dutch Managers in English Football
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Re: Dutch Managers in English Football

I don't know about dutch managers but we have done pretty well with first time managers in the past.

Mark McGee
Alan Pardew
Brian McDermott

Lets hope Stam is as successful.
by blythspartan
31 May 2016 20:11
Forum: The Team
Topic: Why Should McDermott Have Been Given A Chance?
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Re: Why Should McDermott Have Been Given A Chance?

I didn't want Brian back but because of his previous success at the club I believe that he had earned the right to be given until at least Christmas to turn around our fortunes, I just think that the world of football should be a more respectful place. The only thing I would say is that may be the T...
by blythspartan
27 May 2016 17:00
Forum: The Team
Topic: Thanks Brian!
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Re: Thanks Brian!

He seemed a decent bloke and I am sure his pride has been hurt but he has probably received 2 decent payouts from the club, so not all bad.

Will always be grateful for the good times he brought to RFC.
by blythspartan
27 May 2016 14:56
Forum: The Team
Topic: McDermott Sacked (AGAIN)
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Re: McDermott Sacked (AGAIN)

A usually reliable source said to me about three weeks ago that Brian's future was being seriously considered by the owners. Having been persuaded by Howe to appoint him, they were seemingly less than convinced by his performance to date and, apparently, didn't want to entrust Brian with the summer...
by blythspartan
27 May 2016 12:56
Forum: The Team
Topic: McDermott Sacked (AGAIN)
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Re: McDermott Sacked (AGAIN)

Happy with this, as I never wanted him to return in the first place. It always felt like an SJM decision to reappoint him.

I just hope that the next manager appointed will be the right one.
by blythspartan
04 May 2016 12:20
Forum: The Team
Topic: Worried Supporters.
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Re: Worried Supporters.

Not at all worried. If we are on the decline and end up in the lower leagues for a while so be it. I pay my entrance fee and if I feel that the players have given their all and provided some entertainment, I don't care what league we are in. I believe that we have created a bit of history in recent ...
by blythspartan
20 Apr 2016 12:06
Forum: The Team
Topic: Sack The Manager... REALLY?!
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Re: Sack The Manager... REALLY?!

I wasn't happy with Brian's reappointment but now that he's back he should be allowed time to build his own team. I just hope that he can do it. Chris Hughton's position at Brighton last season was similar and look how he has changed around their fortunes this season. Having said that if we lose our...
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