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by Ian Herring
13 Dec 2014 18:57
Forum: The Team
Topic: Birmingham (A) match thread
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Re: Birmingham (A) match thread

Birmingham fan in peace,but I wanted to make a couple of points. Under Lee Clark, we were shambolic. With Gary Rowett as manager, we've earned 14 points from 7 games. We are far from relegation fodder under his leadership. Perhaps the positive for you today, is that you've seen the potential impact...
by Ian Herring
25 Oct 2014 20:41
Forum: The Team
Topic: BFTG - Blackpool
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Re: BFTG - Blackpool

Soporific game in unseasonably (and beautiful) afternoon sunshine. Impression one gets is that the team often do the 'bare minimum' to get by. Blackpool were truly dire. Reading were efficient at times, some of the basics were quite good, some good passing at times. However, there is little 'spark' ...
by Ian Herring
05 Oct 2014 21:34
Forum: The Team
Topic: BFTG - Brentford
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Re: BFTG - Brentford

Interesting how fan opinions and perspectives have changed over the years. I've been going to this fixture since 1985. There's a real mix of rivalry and friendship and respect between both clubs and many of their supporters. the M4 Derby is a fruitful day out for both sets of fans. Traditionally in ...
by Ian Herring
02 Oct 2014 17:44
Forum: The Team
Topic: Adkins - Pros and Cons
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Re: Adkins - Pros and Cons

Prefer the dull monotony of having a resident manager in situ for a spell of years so that he has a realistic chance of doing something good. Rather than the awful sack race mentality that seems to have affected entire slices of British life - instant gratification junkies. I don't like everything t...
by Ian Herring
02 Oct 2014 17:40
Forum: The Team
Topic: Brentford - I'm Looking Forward To Seeing...
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Re: Brentford - I'm Looking Forward To Seeing...

One of the Whiff lads getting arrested for an incident with a sausage. Missing evening kick-off despite having left for the game at mid-day. The Griffin. Cosiness, punches and flying glasses of Pride. Despite the rivalry between the clubs - great fans at Brentford - 'old school'. DHL Dave. Standing ...
by Ian Herring
01 Oct 2014 16:21
Forum: The Team
Topic: Leeds (A) Prediction Thread
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Re: Leeds (A) Prediction Thread

Saw 'Dirty' play at Brentford Saturday and they were toothless.

Absolute dogshit.

If they play like that and Reading are switched on - then the Rz are in with a shout of all three points.

Hmm, if Reading decide to dominate a little and run the game, I think they could nick it by a goal or two.
by Ian Herring
29 Sep 2014 23:28
Forum: The Team
Topic: Wolves - back from the sofa
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Re: Wolves - back from the sofa

- I'm sorry Ian Royal, but Danny Guthrie is a horrible piece of work and doesn't even have the good grace to be our best player, he's crap. I think it's fair to say Norwood is a substantial improvement and you know why? He plays the ball quickly. Danny Guthrie takes all year to make his mind up bef...
by Ian Herring
05 Jul 2014 21:07
Forum: The Team
Topic: Royston worst ever Reading signing?
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Re: Royston worst ever Reading signing?

Danny Bailey.

Irving Gernon. (Apart from his debut when he was sublime.)

Steve Moran.

Elroy Kromheer.

Keith Knight.

by Ian Herring
19 Apr 2014 19:02
Forum: The Team
Topic: Boro - Turn Your Back Protest
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Re: Boro - Turn Your Back Protest

I actually felt jealous of the Blackpool fans this afternoon, at least they've got someone to protest at. The catalyst for this shambolic season and the person who should be on the receiving end of a whole world of abuse has simply dissapeared. Turn your back all you want, the person responsible is...
by Ian Herring
29 Mar 2014 20:15
Forum: The Team
Topic: BFTG 'Uddersfield
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Re: BFTG 'Uddersfield

Would it be unkind to say that this current Reading team is spineless - both in state of mind and in application? It does not possess the hard edge that less technically gifted sides have had, yet in the same assembly have achieved far more by being men, in the true sense. It has no leaders, it has ...
by Ian Herring
24 Mar 2014 19:44
Forum: The Team
Topic: Old Reading FC memorabilia thread
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Re: Old Reading FC memorabilia thread

Here you go Mr Spizz. Front and Back Cover of Steve's Testimonial. Not scanning the internal 22 pages, not sure there's the interest for one and secondly (relatively) modern programmes don't bend so well. As a bonus I've included a youthful Martin Allen appearance pictured centre as it was in the s...
by Ian Herring
22 Mar 2014 07:54
Forum: The Team
Topic: Hooliganism at Reading
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Re: Hooliganism at Reading A friend of mine, a Mr Geoffrey Crease, has placed a comment on this individual's Twitter feed. It reads: 'Not a single mention of the Typing Rod Mayhem riot. Nor the feared "spunk canon". Unprofessional…' One would hope that such input adds to the deba...
by Ian Herring
23 Feb 2014 19:35
Forum: General Football
Topic: The Non - League thread
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Re: Non - League thread 2013/14

Apparently the pitch at Staines is flooded and was on sky sports news as was Abingdon's. No idea how clubs can keep going when they have month after month of no home game to get money in! Egham Town v Daventry today is off. This was Runnymede Stadium [Egham Town] within the last week. https://pbs.t...
by Ian Herring
23 Feb 2014 19:33
Forum: General Football
Topic: Those Fake Hoops...
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Re: Those Fake Hoops...

From Despair To Where? That does beg the question: Your team are looking for a new manager, there are only 3 candidates - Warnock, Allardyce and Redknapp. Who would you rather have?

Winds up mediaeval mace.
by Ian Herring
23 Feb 2014 19:31
Forum: General Football
Topic: Top 6 finishes since 1970
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Re: Top 6 finishes since 1970

Finally, the longest run of seasons without a top six finish is 7 between 1987 and 1993 inclusive. 1988-92. The years that nearly killed my interest in football. The most unremittingly disillusioning period I've ever experienced as a Reading supporter. It was this bleakness I loved most of all. For...
by Ian Herring
11 Feb 2014 21:58
Forum: The Team
Topic: Teams you really hate and like as a Reading fan
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Re: Teams you really hate and like as a Reading fan

A racist A drugs cheat(s) A player who hides in bushes and perves A Chief executive who cheated with the managers wife A youth team player who raped a girl Divers Mocking a player for getting a cracked skull Throwing a seat at an old fan Fans fighting amongst themselves over a burger Ladies and gen...
by Ian Herring
03 Feb 2014 20:06
Forum: The Team
Topic: Old Reading FC memorabilia thread
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Re: Old Reading FC memorabilia thread

Was there on auction day. All I can say is that it was properly upsetting to lose Elm Park. Bad enough at the last league game and the friendlies that followed. But to see it partitioned and flogged off. Heartbreaking. Glad I nicked the bog sign from the SB while the ground was still properly 'live'...
by Ian Herring
01 Feb 2014 12:49
Forum: Rumours and Gossip
Topic: Kevin Doyle
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Re: Kevin Doyle

Pepe the Horseman He looks ill.

The same expression of loss of hope and spirit concomitant with an extended period of time spent in the void of Wolverhampton.

Also known as Yam-Yam Mutism.
by Ian Herring
30 Jan 2014 06:34
Forum: The Team
Topic: This is the new Reading Anthem
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Re: This is the new Reading Anthem

What was the old Reading anthem, then?

I thought it was 'Dane Tane' by Petula Clark.
by Ian Herring
25 Jan 2014 19:38
Forum: The Team
Topic: Top 5 most hated ex-Royals - Sponsored by Big Foot
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Re: Top 5 most hated ex-Royals - Sponsored by Big Foot

Halford. Twat. Of the highest, gangly-limbed, talentless yet over-egoed, arrogant, mindless, deeply thick order. Keith Scott. (Never forgiven for his Swine celebrations with Jan Aage Floortile or whatever the f u ck his name was when the bastards beat us 3-1 one time at the Pigswill Bowl.) Compounde...
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