Sunderland Crap

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Re: Sunderland Crap

by bobby1413 » 08 Jul 2017 09:52

Norfolk Royal 'how many other towns have John Lewis, House or Fraser, Debenhams within a short walk of each other?'

Most large towns I've been to.

Name them.

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Re: Sunderland Crap

by Waitinginvain » 08 Jul 2017 11:00

I think the sour grapes are more to do with our sensational home record since the turn of the millennium. I'm not sure there is a more inoffensive club than us that gets so much scorn but then I don't think there is a single club with the same contrast between their first 80 years in the football league and the last 16 years...

Football fans have a strange dislike of clubs moving up from their traditional level. They don't mind clubs having their day in the sun for a year or two, but expect them to disappear back to where they came from with a patronising pat on the head.

The former peers of clubs that rise hate them for having done what they've failed to do, and will for years insist they are still the same club as before, and will sink back down once the novelty wears off. They'll treat them with the same inverse snobbery that people who made something for themselves will get from the council estate they used to live on.

Fans of clubs in the higher division, their new peers, will look down on them as somehow not worthy of their new elevated status, as they haven't been there for decades, and therefore haven't "earned" their place.

In many way the "quite big, but not as big as genuinely big" club fans are the worst, as the seek to convince all and sundry that they are nearer clubs like Manchester United than they are to the clubs they currently share a division with.

Good post.

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