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by Millsy » 13 Aug 2019 17:15

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Snowball Everton rate him a lot

I would be very tempted to give him one more outing (tonight) because if he's dropped now, it will be a long road back.

Snowy, I hear ya.
We're in the (ruthless) business of trying to win football games. The question is whether he currently gives us the best chance of doing so.
If he does, then he should continue. If he doesn't, then he sits, just like other players at the club are now doing.
Everton's rating of him can be what it is. We have to go on what we see and our own experiences in our division. For all we know, Everton could release him next season.
I'm unaware we're under any obligation to Everton to play him, and we gave them no such assurances pursuant to that. (Or at least, I hope not?)

There isn’t no issue playing a different keeper for a league cup tie. It’s expected. There would be much more pressure on Virginia if he was told he was having to play tonight because we needed to decide if he was good enough to play on Sunday (recognising it would be phrased more diplomatically but it isn’t what is being suggested).
It would make considerable sense to play Rafael, let him get a game under his belt and then make a dispassionate choice for the Cardiff game

Yeah I don't see another sensible option really.

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by Snowflake Royal » 13 Aug 2019 18:17

The fact he is 19 has nothing to do with it. Him letting in 4 goals imho he should have done significantly better on, on the other hand, does. I was very critical of Al-Habsi when he was shit, what excuse are we using for that? That he's brown? Grow the oxf*rd up, people can think someone has played badly based purely on the fact that they played badly, we don't all need an excuse or some obscure unrelated reason to think so. It's not some big conspiracy.

I don’t disagree with the overall sentiment that JV isn’t inspiring confidence - but 4 of the 5 goals? Really? Hull 1st obvs, can see João’s and at a big push the weds first - but either of the headers?

Agreed. If he has saved either of those headers we would be talking about how insanely good his reflexes are.

Not really paid attention to him on Hull's second, and never expected him to save the Wednesday header, but for that one it's the impression he gave me of just flinging himself hopelessly at random.

You know sometimes a keeper is just beaten and they don't dive and you know it's because they know they've got no chance... they just try to be big and hope it's straight at them. He just looked lost and clueless, like he wouldn't have saved it even if he had an actual chance.

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