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Re: BFTG Wigan

by NewCorkSeth » 02 Dec 2019 22:07

From Despair To Where? And if Cook is moaning about the quality of player on our bench then maybe he should be reminded that he manages a club that stayed in the Premiership for nigh on 10 years and won an FA Cup on the strength of buying England internationals on crowds of 11,000 in the Premiership.

In fairness, those England internationals were Chris Kirkland and Emile Heskey.


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Re: BFTG Wigan

by Bristol Paul » 04 Dec 2019 22:41

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There are advantages to watching it at home, there are advantages to watching it from the stadium

In the stadium easier to see what players aren't doing.........

Which is why there are advantages and disadvantages

Live is absolutely more fun, and it's better for off the ball and shape.
Screen is easier and better for individual incidents, on the ball and replays.

All you need to know about Bristol Paul is that he dismissed my view without reading it because he assumed I hadn't attended. It speaks volumes about him tbh.

Ooh you bitch :lol:

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