Match Report vs STOKE

Sat 5 April 1997 (League)

Att: 10,000 very roughly.

Reading Scorer: Jamie Lambert - 1st minute lob of the keeper.

Heres a very quick report from Deano:

Went to the game on Saturday and we accidently bought tickets to sit with the Stoke supporters just off the half way line. Nightmare mistake but we were in a hurry and we did get an excellent view.

Lamberts goal was excellently taken after a blunder by the Stoke goalie, lobbed into the net from outside the area. Its hideous when you see a Royal score such a good goal and you can't celebrate without getting your head kicked in !

Quinn missed a sitter in the first half, only had to hit the target from the six yard box but sent it wide.

Thought we defended quite well but never looked threatening going forward, we seemed to lack creativeness in midfield and apart from Nogs our forwards seemed pretty static (so was Nogs at the end, anyone know about the injury ?).

Man of the match 'Micky Gooding' good tackles and runs, pretty good alround.

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