FA Cup Third Round

7th January 1995


This report by: Jerry Morley morleyj@heac002.UUCP

One of the most disappointing Royals performances that I have seen for a long time. After the gift of a goal early in the first half that Scotty Taylor took with aplomb, the Royals just never got going. This was our chance to have a reasonable Cup run having got to the third round for free.

We know that the Royals can do it when they want to; after absolutely stuffing Wolves they can beat anybody in Div. 1 but Cup football is always likely to upset the form book.

The tactic of building gradually from the back is good to watch while passes reach their man but too often possession was lost in midfield or the cross into the box was not of sufficient quality to trouble the Oldham defence. The Magic Mark McGhee reign may have ended but the classy football is still there for the moment although occasionally the ball is delivered up front with a little bit more urgency.

Michael "Run, run, run, run Gilkesy" Gilkes had another of those frustrating games where he seemed unable or unwilling to go for the throat when he had the beating of his man.

It was very distressing to watch play going around Archie Lovell. He seems to be really struggling with his confidence because we know he has the ability. He was substituted with 25 minutes to go but big Uwe Hartenburger was not able to do anything with that opportunity.

I understand from player/manager Jimmy Quinn Quinn Quinn that the plan is to rest Archie for a few games and with a bit of luck he will come back refreshed and ready to bang a few more in. Quinny said that he felt that several of the players had had a "day at the races" which I assume means were there in body but not in spirit/commitment.

On a positive note it was good to see Paul Holsgrove back where he belongs and with Super Simon Osborne out for many weeks we need somebody of his calibre in midfield.

Let's hope that Saturday's league game against West Brom (14/1/95) is a goal bonanza for Reading because although we create a reasonable number of scoring opportunities in each match, our goals for total is way too low.

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