Division One

18th December 1994


(Gilkes 2, Osbourn, Quinn)

Att: 10,136

READING TEAM: Shakka, Bernal, Kerr, Taylor, Macca, Parkinson, Gilkes, Gooding, Quinn, Lovell, Osbourn

Following the departure of Mark McGhee to Leicester this was the Royals first chance to prove themselves. And they did. I can honestly say that this was the best performance I have seen from Reading since the Simon Cup win. It even beat the 4-3 win at home to Plymouth all those years back. (when we won from 0-3 down with about 20 minutes to go). The atmosphere was incredible. The players all put in 999 percent and played with so much passion. Every player played his socks off as did the crowd.

I was stood in the South Bank - it was excellent - I couldn't even hear myself think. On the third and fourth goals that sealed the match for us this bloke who I'd never seen before kept hugging me and jumping around. The crowd went wild. I thought I was going to wet myself when that fourth went in. The once famous chants of 'Mark McGhee is magic...' were replaced with 'Mark McGhees a w***er, he wears a w***ers hat' and 'Are you watching Mark McGhee?' as Reading ripped Wolves apart. As the game was screened live on Meridian theres a good chance he saw just how well Reading can cope without him

To be fair we played the football taught by McGhee at Reading. And we played it to near perfection. Every time Wolves equalised we went straight for them. Even at 4-2 up we carried on pushing forward for more goals. Its all a bit of a happy haze now but I remember Quinnys delicious headed goal. I remember Gilksy (who actually played a whole game of footie instead of just the normal 15 minutes of so) storming into the area and hammering the ball into the roof of the net after it got held up in the mud. Wolves goals were more against the run of play (although they did make some contribution to the game). I was proud to be a Royals supporter.

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