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Fans Choose Singing Area At Wembley

19 March 2015
By Hob Nob Anyone?

Reading fans have set aside an area of Wembley Stadium as a singing section for the FA Cup semi-final fixture with Arsenal. The idea was discussed on the Hob Nob Anyone? forums and the suggested blocks are 110, 111, 112 and 113. These blocks are in the lower tier behind the goal. The success of the idea will depend on how the tickets sales are handled by the club, but if a choice is available and you fancy making some noise then ask for tickets in these blocks.

There was some success in generating a singing section for Reading's last trip to Wembley stadium against Swansea: "A couple of blocks in the lower tier behind the goal were chosen and posted on here, and loads of people... made sure we bought in one of those sections, and sure enough we stood all game and generated the most noise out of the Reading contingent... surely this is something we could organise ourselves again? I know we are the other end of the ground this time, but once we have a seating plan lets just pick a couple of blocks and go for it!"

Ticket sale information is released today and sales are expected to start from next Tuesday for Season Ticket Holders.

What do you think of the plans for a singing area at Wembley?
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