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Performance Worthy Of A Win At QPR

15 October 2016
By Hob Nob Anyone?

It is always good to pick up a point away from home but Reading's performance today was worthy of a win. Having fallen behind to a well taken goal from Wszolek, Reading equalised through Williams seven minutes later and went on to dominate possession and create more clear openings than the home side. Although the finishing is not there yet, there were times, especially in the second half, when Reading put Rangers under considerable pressure with the some slick and precise passing. Williams stood out, not simply for the equaliser, but for the way he probed with purposeful running and well-timed, accurate passes.

The Loftus Road pitch is probably smaller than many in the league making the new Reading style of play slightly more difficult. It made it easier for Rangers to deny the Royals back four time and space to play the ball out of defence in to midfield. Al Habsi was forced to play the ball long and wide more often than he would have liked and possession was not retained as easily as it might have been.


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 Top Flight

» 15 Oct 2016 18:31

I'm the first back from the game.

If only we had some power and pace up front. We'd have won that. Can't Jaap find a way of playing two up front? Two proper strikers instead of 1 striker and two wingers.

 Top Flight

» 15 Oct 2016 18:33

I can't believe we were so poor that we couldn't stay onside.

The Lino must have been sh*t. Although it is difficult to judge offside from behind the goal.

 Top Flight

» 15 Oct 2016 18:34

As I'm the first one back from the game. I'll give my man of the match opinion as well. Today, I give it to Danny Williams. He worked hard today.


» 15 Oct 2016 18:39

Has anyone noticed that Top Flight was the first back? Don't think he's mentioned it yet.

Fairly average performance, not shit, not great. Struggle up front, we really need a striker with some pace.

Anyway, fairly content with a point.

 Royal Rother

» 15 Oct 2016 18:48

:lol: :lol:


» 15 Oct 2016 18:53

How many offsides today?!!!

Special mention to the sombrero guy - was fairly entertaining.

Sh*t atmosphere - even away fans didn't get going

Also don't she's trying to get served at half time. Sent down at 38 mins and just watched bar man serve everyone but me.

Thank you to the guy/fan who actually noticed this and said "after you" when served. It was unbelievably frustrating and annoying

 Melton Royal

» 15 Oct 2016 19:02

Can't wait to find out who's going to post as first back from the game - doubt it'll be Top Flight

 Top Flight

» 15 Oct 2016 19:08

As first one back from the game, here are the player ratings:

Al Habsi - 8 - no mistakes. Although, I thought he could have done better for the goal. I'll have to wait until I see it again on the highlights. You can't really see the goal from the upper tier.

Gunter - 7 - did his job. Nothing spectacular

Blackett - 6 - Same as above.

Van den Berg - 7 - same as usual. May have been at fault for the goal. I hardly saw the goal anyway in the mele. Will have to judge later

Moore - 7 - Did well enough

Swift - 7 - Was great for England. Not quite as good for us. But then we don't have Tammy Abrahams making great runs to be played in.

Evans - 7 - sprayed it around nicely

Williams - 8 - worked hard, was dynamic in the centre of the park

Beerens - 7 - Did well, but with only Slow Yann up front, it can be a thankless task trying to make sh*t happen in the opposition third.

McCleary - 8 - did well on the wing. I think he scored, but missed it in the distracting environment of the school end upper. Showed some great wing play but an incompetent linesman kept raising his flag to put a stop to his well timed darting runs.

Kermie - 6 - needs a partner, his talent is wasted on his own up front.


» 15 Oct 2016 19:18

Is anyone back from the game yet? QPR isn't that far.


» 15 Oct 2016 19:24

First the worst


» 15 Oct 2016 20:25

I'm back m8

I even had time for some chips and curry sauce


» 15 Oct 2016 21:58

We missed McShane today - Gunter was the only one of the back 4 not making mistakes.

Al Habsi's distribution was wayward to say the least.

Have no idea how Blackett gets in the side ahead of Jordan.

Thought we were going to nick it towards the end but it wasn't to be... :(

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