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Another Defeat On The Road For Reading

26 September 2017
By Hob Nob Anyone?

Just three days after Jaap Stam asked negative fans to stay away the Madejski Stadium, it was business as usual as Reading dominated possession against Millwall but came away from The Den with nothing. Stam's radio rant after the 1-1 home draw with Hull City focused the spotlight on him and his tactics as Reading's sluggish start to the season continued. He would have done little to relieve the pressure as Reading looked to be heading for a very rare away win only to conceed two late goals as Millwall claimed victory. It was a familiar story with Reading failing to take their chances and once again failing to find the net in the first half.

Things had looked bright for Reading when Dave Edwards put Reading ahead with just 17 minutes left to play. Sone Aluko's corner was headed home by Edwards for his first Reading goal. It appeared to be a vital goal for the Royals but the lead only last 7 minutes. Another header saw Millwall pull it back to 1-1 and that was followed up with the winner for the home side five minutes later. As usual we dominated possession, but also recorded more shots and corners than Millwall, however failed to make that advantage count.

Despite coming off the bench to secure a late point on Saturday, Bodvarsson was again left out of the starting eleven. He eventually appeared from the bench inside the last ten minutes when the game had already swung Millwall's way. With a lack of a striker once again, it's not obvious how Stam expects to win matches. There was also no game time for the excellent Liam Kelly. It is of course early days in the season, but after nine games the Royals are averaging a point a game, which is hardly the form of team that were expected to be pushing for promotion this season.


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» 26 Sep 2017 22:36

That was fun, NOT - still at least we know there is a plan B, wait until we score then bring on a striker - that worked well :?

PS How does Joey get in the team ahead of Bacuna - he was dire this evening.


» 26 Sep 2017 22:39

Every team has periods of being complete crap so its slightly too early to panic. That said, so far the people questioning the unbalanced signings this transfer window are being proved right. The team looks a mess. We've had well over a year to master the style of passing/possession football Stam wants and its much like the old Swansea team under Brendan Rodgers. The difference is they were playing with movement, pace, momentum and had people to score goals that opposing teams hated. We don't play with any of those attributes, thats the concerning thing. We actually look to be getting worse from the streams i've seen, can't even imagine how bad it is in person. I'd give Stam until christmas but he's had a significant amount of money to improve the team, albeit not in the right areas, and we look completely useless.

 Marcus Crassus

» 26 Sep 2017 22:52

JvB was solid tonight, GMac was less than hopeless. Did you actually go to the game?


» 26 Sep 2017 23:02

'Solid' being the operative word - which probably led to the chants about a 'fat bar steward'

Yes, I was there...... for 85 minutes

 Marcus Crassus

» 26 Sep 2017 23:16

There were no such chants from where I was standing. Still I note you dodged commenting on GMac who was again totally anonymous.

 Royality creeps In

» 26 Sep 2017 23:24

I keep reading about a "Plan B'
CAN SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT FKING PLAN A IS??? Because I'm dammed sure I don't get it

Even the Milwall fans were chanting "Boring boring Reading"
It was just as tedious as Saturday with the same tactics.

I have to say I am totally bemused at the moment and not even bothered about the Norwich game. I thought I was a die hard but even I am fed up with the pathetic rubbish on display.

 Top Flight

» 26 Sep 2017 23:40

I was at the game. Even if we had won tonight I was going to come on here and have a good moan. Tonight's game typified everything that is wrong with our team at the moment. We don't look like a proper football team. The possession is pointless. Whenever we get into attacking areas there is no one in the box. There is no one to play it to. We don't know how to attack teams. And to lose the game from a winning position with just 10 minutes left. We are toothless, we are pointless, we are timid, we are soft, we are just pathetic at the moment.

I don't think Stam is helping either. He creates inconsistency by changing the team so often.
When we stumble across a formula for playing football that looked really good against Villa and Birmingham why not try and continue with that. Why change it up so often? One minute we look like world beaters. The next, we're useless. I think we could have done with Kelly on the pitch tonight.


» 26 Sep 2017 23:47

Let's get this straight, Stam choked at Wembley last season. I've dwelt a lot on what happened that day and I cannot get away from the fact that we didn't set ourselves up in any way to get a result that day. There was barely any forward motion, no penetration whatsoever and a lot of listless backwards and sideways passing whilst waiting for Huddersfield to come and press, take the ball and threaten. Far from learning from that day, Stam seems to think that is how we should be playing. Gone is any of the incisiveness we showed last season, gone is the zip, enthusiasm, attacking mentality and passion we showed; and all of that can be attributed to Stam.

His substitutions are f*cking bizarre, his tactics are negative, his demeanour is totally transformed from that of the passionate, inspirational leader we saw last term. In short, I think HE'S been left rattled by the playoff defeat more than any of the players and he's projecting it onto them. We have a good squad (minus a striker, and don't get me started on that again). Stam needs to pull himself together and pronto.

 Linden Jones' Tash

» 26 Sep 2017 23:48

First away game for donkeys years.

Slightly surprised at the change in approach early on, but the lack of vertical attacking intent remains and we don't seem to have an identity from game to game.

I'd also say that what I find strange at them moment is that we have good players, but we are not a good team.

Reading have usually been the opposite, the team was always much better than the individual players, on the whole...

Big test of management ahead

 Linden Jones' Tash

» 26 Sep 2017 23:51

You put it more eloquently, but this as well

 Top Flight

» 26 Sep 2017 23:51

I thought the support was fantastic away to Millwall tonight. We had some good numbers there. It was good to see so many youngsters. Lots of Teens and early twenties in the crowd kitted up in their designer gear and making lots of noise. There were plenty of blokes who had finished work in London and got down for the game after work still suited up. We had a few of the old'uns as well putting it in for us. The backing of the team was absolutely first class. Having support like that makes me proud to be a Reading fan. Keep it up lads.


» 26 Sep 2017 23:54

Are we missing Steven Reid's coaching input?

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