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by royallad
26 Jan 2020 18:43
Forum: Rumours and Gossip
Topic: Rumour - Josh Laurent
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Re: Rumour - Josh Laurent

WestYorksRoyal Doing more than alright against Liverpool.

Running the game. Edwards and Golbourne playing well too
by royallad
28 May 2018 19:14
Forum: General Football
Topic: Neale Cooper
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Neale Cooper ... d-44278758

Wasn't with us long but still sorry to hear this
by royallad
28 Jan 2017 08:47
Forum: The Team
Topic: CONFIMRED - Adrian Popa
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Re: Adrian Popa ... _born_1988)

Seems he is now signing for Brighton
by royallad
13 Jul 2014 21:49
Forum: The Team
Topic: RFC ladies to join revamped Women's Superleague from 2014
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Re: RFC ladies to join revamped Women's Superleague from 201

Reading v Watford
Watford were awarded the three points for this fixture after Reading were disqualified for fielding an ineligible player in their 8-1 win against London Bees.
by royallad
08 May 2011 20:52
Forum: Club Policies
Topic: Play Off Dates Confirmed & Tickets
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Re: Play Off Dates Confirmed & Tickets

Just got in after an hour of trying and still plenty of availability in most blocks so dont panic people !!
by royallad
17 Jul 2010 22:39
Forum: The Team
Topic: Slovenia Pre-Season Tour
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Re: Slovenia Pre-Season Tour

FT 2-0 Mills, Henry
by royallad
04 Jan 2010 19:20
Forum: The Team
Topic: Replay live on TV
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Re: Replay live on TV

I think the rule is only players eligible for the original game are eligible to play in any replays , so no he wont be.
by royallad
03 Jan 2010 11:19
Forum: The Team
Topic: Coppell
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Re: Coppell

" one decent scouser, there's only one decent scouser"
by royallad
16 Dec 2009 11:01
Forum: The Team
Topic: Refwatch: Bristol City v Reading
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Re: Refwatch: Bristol City v Reading

can we make this a caption contest

" Hmmm , nice bogie"
by royallad
16 Dec 2009 10:56
Forum: The Team
Topic: thorvalsson flying in
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Re: Esbjerg confirm that Thorvaldsson has joined on loan

The rental period begin formally 1st January 2010 and lasts six years.

A 6 year lease/loan?? Surely not
by royallad
28 Nov 2009 12:39
Forum: The Team
Topic: Reading's Unsung Heros
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Re: Reading's Unsung Heros

Yep all of the above Colin Baillie, Gary Peters, Brynjar, Stevie Richardson et al My contribution, in addition to these, would be our physio at Newport that saved Andy Rodgers life. John Haseleden? Think the name you are looking for is Glenn Hunter. How about adding in Dean Horrix , Kevin Bremner, ...
by royallad
05 Nov 2009 22:48
Forum: The Team
Topic: Loanwatch 09-10
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Re: Loanwatch 09-10

I'd rather see Karacan in for Howard. One of our better performers this season and he provides a bit more hard work and steel alongside Matejovsky. He's also clearly part of the squad. Did you see the way he sprinted over to jump on Jobi when he scored? That's a point actually, the spirit in the si...
by royallad
26 Oct 2009 20:29
Forum: The Team
Topic: RFC v Leicester City MATCH THREAD
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Re: RFC v Leicester City MATCH THREAD

Mike Hunt What is Redknapp doing at the madstad ?

isnt he Mr Lampard Snr brother in law or something, might just be down to give some support to a member of his family.
by royallad
25 Oct 2009 22:05
Forum: The Team
Topic: Team for Leicester
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Re: Team for Leicester

We need experience and go back to 4-4-2. Federici Cummings Mills O'Dea Bertrand Cisse Kebe McAnuff Matejovski Rasiak Long Subs Gunnarsson Howard Tabb Sigurdsson Robson Kanu Church Hamer
by royallad
18 Sep 2008 22:16
Forum: The Team
Topic: Caption Competition
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Re: Caption Competition

plastic supporters

typical reading fans
by royallad
14 Sep 2008 16:34
Forum: The Team
Topic: Team for Sheff Wed
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Re: Team for Sheff Wed

Coppell said on BBCRB yesterday that he would be making changes for Tuesday as he wasnt happy with several performances yesterday so i think we could see 3 or 4 changes. He also indicated that he wouldnt pick Bikey in the starting 11 as he had only trained about 6 times since the summer.
by royallad
10 May 2008 08:43
Forum: The Team
Topic: Question of Sport
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Re: Question of Sport

Cookie He was on a winning team, an omen perhaps? :lol:

But Jermaine Defoe was on the losing team , hopefully not an omen.

Did Kevin have a word with him and ask for a favour on Sunday?
by royallad
11 Jun 2007 19:02
Forum: The Team
Topic: Greatest RFC XI Debate - Right wingers
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Keith Knight, great little winger could never stop scoring
Mark Robson
Lea Barkus
Mark Holzman
by royallad
28 May 2007 23:14
Forum: The Team
Topic: Dodgy Sodje
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arent you forgetting the doobs too or dont you rate him either, personally woldnt be bothered if sodje left , he has never convinced me since he joined, i would like to see ingi play in sidwells place in midfield next season , reckon he could do a job there , with superman, when he is fit, alongside...
by royallad
06 Apr 2007 15:08
Forum: Club Policies
Topic: New Away Kit.....
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always liked that red and yellow effort from a few years back, how about bringing that out again
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