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by blueroyals
31 Aug 2020 21:46
Forum: The Team
Topic: New manager watch 20/21
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Re: New manager watch 20/21

What's the point? It's clear the manager isn't the problem.
by blueroyals
27 Aug 2020 12:21
Forum: Rumours and Gossip
Topic: Rumour - Scott Malone
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Re: Rumour - Scott Malone

No thanks
by blueroyals
24 Aug 2020 22:40
Forum: The Team
Topic: Season 20/21
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Re: Season 20/21

You have to detach yourself from it because there isn't much we can do. What's the worst that can happen, we drop down a couple of divisions, owner goes AWOL and we rebuild ala Portsmouth, Sunderland, etc. Can't be any worse than what we've had over the last 5+ years and at least we'd be rid of the ...
by blueroyals
06 Aug 2020 21:15
Forum: The Team
Topic: Confimred loan - Ovie Ejaria
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Re: Confimred loan - Ovie Ejaria

Dat Dellor interview doe Tim really lives on that interview, I think it's his proudest moment. Probably, which is why I like him. Talked like a fan. Don't want some technically 'better' commentator asking mundane Qs every match. Ask the Qs we all want asked. I know people complain he doesn't do it ...
by blueroyals
25 Jul 2020 16:57
Forum: The Team
Topic: Obita new contract
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Re: Obita new contract

Well there you go, he's gone. Horrible to see the club releasing players who have been here 15+ years and still have something to offer while players like Aluko etc are still stealing a wage. Sign of what a mess the club is in. Feel a little less guilty about opting for the ST refund now.
by blueroyals
24 Jul 2020 21:31
Forum: Club Policies
Topic: STH Options
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Re: STH Options

Assuming that when fans are allowed back in it'll be at 50% capacity / every other seat empty...

How many ST holders do we have? 10,000? So that's almost your 50% there. If you don't renew you might be waiting a while to see a game again...
by blueroyals
24 Jul 2020 21:28
Forum: The Team
Topic: Squad for 2020/21
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Re: Squad for 2020/21

NewCorkSeth Pfft. Doubt we fought off Stoke with 5k a week.

Anybody know if he is any good ?

Reading FC Twitter is fully erect so he's probably shite. But he has had plenty of rave reviews from Shrewbury Town fans.

They raved about Dave Edwards to be fair
by blueroyals
22 Jul 2020 22:42
Forum: The Team
Topic: BFIFOLLOW Swansea
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genome Ejaria probably not coming back due to club finances.


Meh. I think we only need one of Ejaria, Swift and Olise.
by blueroyals
14 Jul 2020 21:50
Forum: The Team
Topic: BFI Follow Middlesborough
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Re: BFI Follow Middlesborough

Be little point in restarting the leagues until fans are allowed back in. Just not the same. Feels more like a series of preseason friendlies. We`ve been shit at home for years, what makes you think fans would make any difference? Maybe then I would give a shit about these games. Seriously, what is...
by blueroyals
03 Jul 2020 09:54
Forum: Club Policies
Topic: Next seasons kit choice?
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Re: Next seasons kit choice?

I like that tbf
by blueroyals
01 Jul 2020 15:26
Forum: The Team
Topic: BFIFollow Brentford
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Re: BFIFollow Brentford

I'd rather have a passionate fan for a commentator than the Heart breakfast Jamie Theakston-type generic radio bot 2000 w*nker we will inevitably get next who has probably never stepped foot in Reading before. How many Reading-supporting local football commentators with radio experience do you think...
by blueroyals
27 Jun 2020 16:00
Forum: The Team
Topic: BFI Player
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Re: BFI Player

Miazga - 10 for throttling that c*nt
by blueroyals
27 Jun 2020 15:03
Forum: The Team
Topic: MATCHWATCH : Derby County (a) sponsored by no fans allowed
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Re: MATCHWATCH : Derby County (a) sponsored by no fans allowed

JR Dellor was hinting we are about to be hit with a points deduction. Anyone know more about this?

Has been since Jan/Feb to be fair
by blueroyals
19 Jun 2020 19:12
Forum: The Team
Topic: Obita new contract
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Obita new contract

I can't believe we're on the verge of letting this guy go on a free! Yes he's had a couple of bad years with injuries, but he was one of the top 5 full backs in the league before his injury, been at the club since he was a kid, is versatile, is only 26, can't imagine he's on a particularly eye-water...
by blueroyals
19 May 2020 03:05
Forum: The Team
Topic: Players who virtually won us games/promotion/avoided relegation on their own
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Re: Players who virtually won us games/promotion/avoided relegation on their own

Nick Blackman was only here for a few months of the 2015/2016 season but still finished our top scorer, and if you take his goals & assists away we finished 21st and only narrowly avoided relegation. Our squad performed so poorly that season that, if the club had allowed votes for him, I'm sure ...
by blueroyals
21 Jan 2020 21:35
Forum: Rumours and Gossip
Topic: Reading players out of contract in summer 2020
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Re: Reading players out of contract in summer 2020

Hope Obita is next
by blueroyals
19 Jan 2020 09:27
Forum: The Team
Topic: BFTG Millwall Away
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Re: BFTG Millwall Away

Imagine going to Millwall with the most lightweight midfield in the league. I get the "don't change a winning team" mantra but come on.. have some common sense Millwall were closing us down so quickly, and we weren't going to win any long balls against their massive players. So it was obvi...
by blueroyals
27 Dec 2019 22:51
Forum: The Team
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Charlie Adam's passing ability is wasted when he's pinging balls out wide to Gunter to turn and pass the ball back, or Blacket to pass the ball out of play. Once Yiadom and Obita are fit we'll start rolling teams over
by blueroyals
15 Oct 2019 13:35
Forum: The Team
Topic: CONFIMRED - Mark Bowen
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Re: CONFIMRED - Mark Bowen

If what he is saying is true then the owners/Howe need to take some responsibility for the reception he's got. It doesn't to take a genius to work out this is how the appointment will likely be interpreted by the fans/press. A short quote in the announcement from Dai himself saying exactly what Mark...
by blueroyals
28 Sep 2019 21:26
Forum: The Team
Topic: BFTG Swansea Away
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Re: BFTG Swansea Away

I said after the Wycombe and Cardiff games 5 ATB won't work against sides who don't let us dominate the midfield. Our "wing backs" aren't good enough (compared to Swansea, Leeds, Fulham 2016/2017). Unfortunately we don't have any decent wide players to play 4 ATB either. So basically we'll...
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