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by yappy
08 Jul 2019 20:04
Forum: Rumours and Gossip
Topic: Jack Stacey
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Re: Jack Stacey

Because I was bored, I did a calculation based on the wages from FM (so obviously needs to be treated with a pinch of salt), but for the players that have left since January, it works out as follows: Illori £25,000 Bacuna £20,000 Mannone £20,000 Edwards £18,000 Aluko £15,000 McShane £12,750 Van Den ...
by yappy
03 Sep 2016 09:53
Forum: Rumours and Gossip
Topic: Danny Williams Out?
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Re: Danny Williams Out?

Have to say I'm completely puzzled as to what Williams is meant to have done wrong here. All I see is him having a bit of a laugh with his agent. Shock horror his agent is pushing him for a move, but what exactly has Williams said!?
by yappy
14 Aug 2016 21:46
Forum: The Team
Topic: Striker PRIORITY
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Re: Striker PRIORITY

Have to say it still frustrates me that we sold Sa and bought in Kermorgant. Can somebody please explain what Yann has to done to prove he is the better striker? Aside from one performance at Charlton I barely remember what else he has contributed. What I find most frustrating is that Yann only has ...
by yappy
13 Jan 2016 21:32
Forum: The Team
Topic: Anton Ferdinand
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Re: Anton Ferdinand

I really hope we can get McShane & Ferdinand fit at the same time again. The two oozed class together at the beginning of the season.
by yappy
03 Jan 2016 13:57
Forum: The Team
Topic: BFTG - Bristol City
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Re: BFTG - Bristol City

Agree regarding the comments on Norwood being a little wasted in the quarter back role. Actually watched the 06/07 season DVD a few weeks ago and it reminded me of Harps & Sidwell always being on the move making themselves open for the pass. Norwood always sits deeper for the easy pass and we so...
by yappy
03 Jan 2016 13:50
Forum: The Team
Topic: Blackman must never be played up front.
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Re: Blackman must never be played up front.

The main difficulty I think we have is that I don't think we have a system that really suits both McCleary and Blackman. I think yesterday in particular showed that McCleary is more suited for the right midfield role. The problem we then had with Vydra and Blackman is that Gmac put some decent cross...
by yappy
31 Aug 2015 10:10
Forum: The Team
Topic: Nick Blackman
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Re: Nick Blackman

In the away kit launch video (on August 4th: ) , Garath McCleary and Michael Hector both highlighted Nick Blackman as the strongest and most skillful Reading player, which struck me as odd at the time since I've never rated Blackman (or Akpan, who has left now)....
by yappy
18 Aug 2015 21:09
Forum: The Team
Topic: Pearce to Derby - CONFIMRED
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Re: Pearce to Derby - CONFIMRED

Royalwaster Well he's not made a huge impact at Derby yet - not selected for first game; played in cup defeat and then not even in squad for second match ..... where did it all go wrong Pearce?

He's on the bench tonight.
by yappy
12 Aug 2015 21:25
Forum: Rumours and Gossip
Topic: Rumour - Nathaniel Chalobah
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Re: Rumour - Nathaniel Chalobah

Didn't actually realise how young Chalobah is, feels like he's been around for quite a while. Amazing to think that he was only 17-18 at his loan spell at Watford, where I thought he looked like one of the league's better players.
by yappy
12 Aug 2015 20:26
Forum: The Team
Topic: McShane-Ferdinand
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Re: McShane-Ferdinand

Agreed, but if Hector can improve his positional play and learn when to close down and when not to (I often think he goes in too early on a striker, and would be better off stepping back) then we've potentially got one hell of a player in the making. No good having young prospects if we don't give t...
by yappy
12 Aug 2015 20:04
Forum: The Team
Topic: Back from the game: Colchester
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Re: Back from the game: Colchester

Pepe the Horseman Read on twitter that Clarke was turning away in disgust every time Cox lost the ball. Don't think he likes him much...

Watts said Norwood was MoM by a mile.

Is it just me or has Cox got a little porkier over the summer?
by yappy
12 Aug 2015 19:46
Forum: The Team
Topic: McShane-Ferdinand
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Re: McShane-Ferdinand

Aside from Hector's mistake for the second goal on Saturday, I thought he was excellent. Hardly gave Donaldson a sniff. His pace and agility, which is somewhat rare in centre backs particularly at this level, is a real asset. Yes he will make the occasional mistake, however the best way for him to i...
by yappy
02 Aug 2015 14:25
Forum: The Team
Topic: Squad Numbers
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Re: Squad Numbers

Certainly being announced later than usual. Hope Hector isn't wearing 8...
by yappy
02 Aug 2015 11:55
Forum: The Team
Topic: Pre-season Friendlies
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Re: Pre-season Friendlies

Thought Quinn and Tshibola were the stand out players for me. The fact Tshibola started suggests he may have moved ahead of Akpan in the pecking order. Happy Bond was given the nod to start and looked decent from the little he had to do, but still not clear who will start next week. Quite happy with...
by yappy
05 Jul 2015 13:06
Forum: Rumours and Gossip
Topic: Steve Clarke's budget talks with owners
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Re: Steve Clarke's budget talks with owners

Been doing a little googling to see what was happening with Jem. Looks like Gala are a little sceptical over Jem's injury record (or at least what I can gather from this pretty shoddy translation:
by yappy
07 May 2015 20:38
Forum: The Team
Topic: Summer Rebuild
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Re: Summer Rebuild

As in Keiren Westwood? Didn't think he was at Coventry anymore, but definitely a keeper I rate.
by yappy
22 Mar 2015 15:39
Forum: The Team
Topic: Steve Clake - New Poll
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Re: Steve Clake - New Poll

In my view no matter who was in charge this season we were going to struggle. Having been on the brink of administration we were forced into selling first team players and essentially replacing them with kids from the academy. We were stuck with some players on big wages that we couldn't shift (e.g....
by yappy
08 Mar 2015 15:54
Forum: The Team
Topic: Tactics for Home Games?
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Re: Tactics for Home Games?

I do think our home performances are slightly to do with confidence. The problem is of course that at home we need to try and break teams down and I think there are a few reasons we're struggling with this: 1. Some of our midfielders are clearly decent passers. Norwood & Chalobah we've both seen...
by yappy
08 Mar 2015 15:44
Forum: The Team
Topic: Call time on Pog
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Re: Call time on Pog

I've always been quite critical of Pog, and I think that is mainly due to expecting a lot more from him when he signed. Truth is he's a decent striker at this level, but doesn't warrant the wages he earns. I'd quite happily keep him as a squad player going forward (not necessarily a guaranteed start...
by yappy
08 Mar 2015 15:38
Forum: The Team
Topic: Jamie Mackie
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Re: Jamie Mackie

Just wanted to highlight Mackie's recent improvement for us. Up until recently I've had a bit of a mixed view of Mackie. It's clear he's not technically the best player, but his directness and work rate makes him a big threat at this level, a similar mould to Stephen Hunt. Would quite like to see hi...
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