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by RustyRoyal
19 Sep 2017 23:42
Forum: The Team
Topic: BFTG Swansea
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Re: BFTG Swansea

Why is everyone being so negative? This is a team that shut Tottenham out last game. Sure we didn't create much but it wasn't an awful performance.
by RustyRoyal
01 Feb 2017 23:19
Forum: Club Policies
Topic: Brighton (a)
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Re: Brighton (a)

We're a pretty small club fanbase wise we will never take as many as the other top 6 clubs.
by RustyRoyal
01 Feb 2017 01:03
Forum: Rumours and Gossip
Topic: Rumour: Dildo
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Re: Rumour: Dildo

This 'mare isn't going away from him. A quick google has found this story listed on a variety of other teams fan's forums and I've very quickly found the story reported in Hungarian and Romanian. http://ww...
by RustyRoyal
31 Jan 2017 23:47
Forum: The Team
Topic: Team for Ipswich (A)
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Re: Team for Ipswich (A)

TBM I wouldn't change a winning team tbh

We've been changing winning teams quite often recently! I think that we need Reece in at least so that we have 3 recognised CBs playing.
by RustyRoyal
31 Jan 2017 22:57
Forum: The Team
Topic: Team for Ipswich (A)
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Team for Ipswich (A)

So assuming that no one who was injured today is back for Saturday what team what you go for? I'd pick a 532 with - Al Habsi Moore Blackett Reece McCleary Obita Kelly Williams Swift Beerens Grabban Bench would be - Jaakkola, Mutch, Watson, Popa, Meite, Weiser, Mendes. Edit: Evans for Mendes and Gunt...
by RustyRoyal
31 Jan 2017 16:45
Forum: Rumours and Gossip
Topic: Vidar Kjartansson - Maccabi Tel Aviv?
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Re: Vidar Kjartansson - Maccabi Tel Aviv?

Scored a brace last night: Desperate to move to England. His goals for Malmö last summer: He can score with left foot, right foot and headers but his biggest attribute is he doesn't need to bring the ball down a...
by RustyRoyal
31 Jan 2017 10:58
Forum: The Team
Topic: CONFIMRED - Reece Oxford
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Re: Reece Oxford

by RustyRoyal
30 Jan 2017 19:09
Forum: The Team
Topic: CONFIMRED: Jordon Mutch
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Re: RUMOUR: Jordan Mutch

I will be on the cans as soon as this is confirmed
good riddance you awful shithouse. QPR oxf*rd done us over good and proper when we bought him

Quote from a Palace fan on reddit. Doesn't sound promising but hopefully he will look better at a lower level.
by RustyRoyal
28 Jan 2017 13:21
Forum: The Team
Topic: CONFIMRED - Adrian Popa
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Re: Adrian Popa

PistolPete With all this workfare we're hearing about, could he be a wing back? What side is he?

Right, so this could be the end of Gunter. Saying that I don't think he's much taller than Kelly so not sure how well he'd deal with long balls towards the box.
by RustyRoyal
21 Jan 2017 10:48
Forum: The Team
Topic: The Academy/Development squads watch thread 2015//16
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Re: The Academy/Development squads watch thread 2015//16

That's a weird one. Why would they loan a player for their U23 squad?
by RustyRoyal
12 Jan 2017 22:17
Forum: The Team
Topic: BTFS - QPR
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Awful. Despite sloppy mistakes Stam has to take the majority of the blame. First half the shape was baffling. With four players (Striker, both wingers and 1 CM) trying to play on the shoulder with another CM stuck out on the right meant that the back 5 had no one to pass to. QRP set up really well t...
by RustyRoyal
06 Jan 2017 00:37
Forum: The Team
Topic: Anyone know these clowns?
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Re: Anyone know these clowns?

Says I'm not "authorised" to see the tweet, what does it say?
by RustyRoyal
30 Dec 2016 20:54
Forum: The Team
Topic: MATCHWATCH : Fulham (h) sponsored by 'Diddy' Richard Osman
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Re: MATCHWATCH : Fulham (h) sponsored by 'Diddy' Richard Osman

Ian Royal Harriott off injured. McShane coming on as replacement...

Err... not sure what that's going to do to the shape.

Harriot was playing at wing back so VDB and Moore will move over one and McShane will go to right centre back.
by RustyRoyal
23 Aug 2016 19:51
Forum: The Team
Topic: Matchwatch : francise fc (h) sponsored by concrete cows
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Re: Matchwatch : francise fc (h) sponsored by concrete cows

Gravenberch DM? Or 3-5-2?? Rakels and Mendes up front? Only guessing. If 4-3-3, bizarre we play a DM at CH in league games when Cooper is on bench, yet a CH at DM when we seemingly have any number of midfielders waiting for a chance. It's either a "Don't Know What You're doing" moment, or...
by RustyRoyal
23 Aug 2016 17:53
Forum: Club Policies
Topic: Chicken Balti pies
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Re: Chicken Balti pies

Sad news, have been a fan of the curry pies in recent years.
by RustyRoyal
18 Aug 2016 02:02
Forum: The Team
Topic: CONFIMRED - Sandro Wieser
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Re: Sandro Wieser

I'm actually really annoyed about this. We were told youth were going to be given a chance and yet we're signing YET ANOTHER midfielder. We need a left back, we need a right back. We need a centre back. We maybe need a centre forward. We don't need a oxf*rd i ng central midfielder!! George Evans Jo...
by RustyRoyal
06 Aug 2016 13:37
Forum: The Team
Topic: CONFIMRED - Liam Moore
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Re: RUMOUR- Liam Moore

Sky Sports reporting that Leicester have offered him a new 3 year deal, which seems a bit odd after they didn't give him a squad number.

It also says they understand Moore is keen to work with Stam though.
by RustyRoyal
05 Aug 2016 10:00
Forum: The Team
Topic: Jaap being Honest
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Re: Jaap being Honest

I imagine it's like Ranieri's "We just want to get to 40 points." Takes pressure off players and they aren't as demoralised if they underperform.
by RustyRoyal
03 Aug 2016 23:32
Forum: The Team
Topic: CONFIMRED - Norwood to Brighton
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Re: Rumour - Norwood to Brighton

I think Liam Kelly will be a far better player than him Kelly is even more of a lightweight. Going to need a solid foundation in midfield to allow the luxury of such a player. In the Swindon game Kelly played really well at the base of a midfield three. Won the ball back well and outperformed all o...
by RustyRoyal
02 Aug 2016 10:29
Forum: The Team
Topic: CONFIRMED - Yakou Meite
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Re: CONFIRMED - Yakou Meite

The more I think about Yakou Meite the harder it is to not get excited about him - so many options for chants. From the simple "Feed the Yak and he will score" to similar based from feed the world - "Feeedddd the Yaaaakkkkkk, 'cos he knows it's scoringtime again" to Mariappa's 5...
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