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by rg6royal
06 Apr 2014 20:19
Forum: The Team
Topic: Team for Bournemouth (A)
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Re: Team for Bournemouth (A)

same side as yesterday please
by rg6royal
24 Oct 2013 16:39
Forum: Rumours and Gossip
Topic: Rumour - Ben Pringle
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Re: Rumour - Ben Pringle

He's been an influential player for the team , especially in crunch matches.
by rg6royal
24 Oct 2013 09:09
Forum: Rumours and Gossip
Topic: The Reading4eva shoite rumours thread
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Re: Reading to become parent club for Crewe

Crewe have one fantastic stand. Its huge
by rg6royal
26 Aug 2013 22:44
Forum: The Team
Topic: Team for Posh
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Re: Team for Posh

Would love to see Ugwu get a chance for this one but its unlikely. The lads been on fire for the reserves and scored another worldy today by the sound of it.
likely to be something like....

Cummings gorrks mapps Kelly
Williams akpan
obita kanu mcanuff
by rg6royal
31 May 2013 11:31
Forum: Rumours and Gossip
Topic: The inevitable Karacan to Galatasaray thread
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Re: The inevitable Karacan to Galatasaray thread

if he is sold for only 1m the club can f*** off.
by rg6royal
22 May 2013 11:37
Forum: Rumours and Gossip
Topic: RUMOUR - Carlton Cole
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Re: RUMOUR - Carlton Cole

Well with it looking more likely that Roberts will hang up his boots at the end of this season due to injuries and with Pog probably leaving, I see this as a great replacement. Could definitely do a good job in the Championship.
by rg6royal
19 May 2013 19:25
Forum: The Team
Topic: End of season
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Re: End of season

I'd be lieing if i said i wasn't disappointed after that season. But really looking forward to the next in what looks a very competitive league again, but I have high hopes and am confident that with afew new additions and clearing out the dead wood that we cant mount a strong challenge promotion. P...
by rg6royal
02 Jan 2013 09:50
Forum: The Team
Topic: The Agadoo Karacan Song
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Re: The Agadoo Karacan Song

Karacan can can
hes our local kebab man
karacan can can
hes our midfield magician
to the left, to the right,
try his doner meat tonight
he does halal of course,
you should try his chilli sauceeeeee
by rg6royal
14 Dec 2012 20:43
Forum: The Team
Topic: Team to beat Arsenal
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Re: Team to beat Arsenal

Really think we should go with 4-5-1 for this one.

cummings morro pearce shorey
kebe/hrk tabb guthrie legs mcanuff
by rg6royal
16 Aug 2012 19:38
Forum: The Team
Topic: Stoke (H) Predictions
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Re: Stoke (H) Predictions

Really can't predict this one. But going to go for a narrow 1-0 home win.
by rg6royal
22 Jun 2012 16:00
Forum: Rumours and Gossip
Topic: SPECULATION - Giovanni Dos Santos
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Re: SPECULATION - Giovanni Dos Santos

Strange player. Always offered so much potential yet has failed to make the grade at a high level.
by rg6royal
12 Jun 2012 18:24
Forum: Rumours and Gossip
Topic: Rumour - Dimitris Salpingidis
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Re: Rumour - Dimitris Salpingidis

He looks woeful, as do most of the Greek side.
by rg6royal
29 Mar 2012 11:13
Forum: General Football
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4 home wins in the Europa league tonight?
by rg6royal
27 Mar 2012 16:21
Forum: General Football
Topic: The Peterboro v West Ham Match Thread
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Re: The Peterboro v West Ham Match Thread

I really do believe that if West Ham fail to win tonight and then we go to Upton Park this weekend and pick up 3 points that second place is ours!

Up the Posh!!
by rg6royal
27 Jan 2012 11:37
Forum: The Team
Topic: Obita to Barnet - Loan
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Re: Obita to Barnet - Loan

Great move for the lad, will hopefully get a few games under his belt. And he's gone into a team who have picked up some form of late. Seems we have a good relationship with Barnet too.
by rg6royal
03 Jan 2012 18:30
Forum: The Team
Topic: Stevenage line up
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Re: Stevenage line up

Griffin Pearce Morrison Harte
Antonio Tabb D'Ath HRK
by rg6royal
27 Sep 2011 21:07
Forum: The Team
Topic: Bristol City (A) Official Match Thread
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Re: Bristol City (A) Official Match Thread

by rg6royal
18 Sep 2011 16:02
Forum: The Team
Topic: songs for ALFIE
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Re: songs for ALFIE

When the ball hits the net its not hunt or mancet it's Le Fondre!
by rg6royal
11 Sep 2011 17:38
Forum: The Team
Topic: Team for Donny
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Re: Team for Donny

Cummings Khumalo Gorkss Mills
Kebe Jem Legs HRK
Le Fondre
by rg6royal
11 Aug 2011 19:11
Forum: Classifieds
Topic: Reading Festival 2011 Weekend Ticket
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Re: Reading Festival 2011 Weekend Ticket

Have one sorted now!

It is currently 08 Aug 2020 18:29