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by Getthebeerens
04 Mar 2020 12:48
Forum: The Team
Topic: BFTG Sheff U FB
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Re: BFTG Sheff U FB

Very enjoyable game to watch last night, was intrigued to see how Bowen approached the game tactically against a Sheff Utd side that have given a lot of top teams a good game this season. After 2 minutes I feared the worse but once the sides confidence started flowing we looked pretty decent. The re...
by Getthebeerens
01 Mar 2020 20:17
Forum: The Team
Topic: BFTG Barnsley
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Re: BFTG Barnsley

It wasn’t the most pleasing on the eye performance but great to get the win and see us do the “nasty” parts of the game well. Puscas MOTM for me, felt he held the ball up well and took his goal very well. A few months back he would of taken it closer to the goal before shooting so its good to see th...
by Getthebeerens
28 Feb 2020 13:55
Forum: The Team
Topic: Bowen Out.
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Re: Bowen Out.

Sacking Bowen would be the wrong move in my opinion, why sack the guy who is learning about the squads weaknesses throughout the season and then don't give him the summer to address the issues and make us stronger. Ultimately we are struggling as we are missing Joao as a target man to build play off...
by Getthebeerens
07 Oct 2019 12:58
Forum: The Team
Topic: Gomes, Should he stay or should he go? Mk2
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Re: Gomes, Should he stay or should he go? Mk2

Tricky one to answer at the moment..... On one hand I believe continuously sacking managers is doing us no favours in moving forward as a team. We are not being well beaten (Apart from Fulham) by sides and seem to be losing by "narrow margins". You would like to think that if we continue t...
by Getthebeerens
03 Aug 2019 22:11
Forum: The Team
Topic: BFTG - Sheffield
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Re: BFTG - Sheffield

Well not the start we all wanted but pretty much one we are all used to by now. It was nervy performance for me, which perhaps is to be expected with the young side we now have. Felt the game was going to go away from us as soon as the referee missed the most blatant of penalties you will see all se...
by Getthebeerens
19 Jun 2019 13:00
Forum: The Team
Topic: Next Season's Squad.
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Re: Next Season's Squad.

With the news of the soft transfer embargo and me generally being bored I decided to take a look at what our starting 11 would look like if we did not make any signings. GK Walker DR Yiadom DC Moore DC Blackett LB Gunter CM Kelly CM Rinomhota LW Barrow AM Swift RW Meite ST Bodvarsson Excluded Obita ...
by Getthebeerens
07 Jun 2019 12:46
Forum: The Team
Topic: Are we screwed?
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Re: Are we screwed?

I wouldn't say we are screwed. In my opinion if we had Jose Gomes at the start of last season I don't think we would of been near the relegation zone at all. Club seem to be addressing the issues that have contributed to poor season after poor season. Shrinking down the squad size and getting rid of...
by Getthebeerens
31 May 2019 13:41
Forum: The Team
Topic: Next Season's Squad.
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Re: Next Season's Squad.

Gomes's comments to the Portuguese media don't look great for incomings. Apparently we can only look at free Transfers at the moment and cant even afford any loan players. I think we can forget about strengthening the squad overall, at this moment in time we just need a starting 11 that is competiti...
by Getthebeerens
14 Mar 2019 14:16
Forum: The Team
Topic: Nine Very Difficult Games - Predictions?
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Re: Nine Very Difficult Games - Predictions?

I think 3 wins will keep us up. Very easy to feel negative at the moment due to Rotherham getting a list minute winner against a very poor QPR and us losing to a very good Leeds side. I feel there are a lot more twists and turns ahead. The key is getting our injured players back as quickly as possib...
by Getthebeerens
29 Jan 2019 13:56
Forum: Rumours and Gossip
Topic: Is Kelly off?
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Re: Is Kelly off?

Would be a great move for Kelly if the Udinese rumour is true. Cant help but feel something went wrong with is development once he hit the first team. When he came into the side he was a good passer, could run with ball pretty well and off the ball would be nipping at peoples ankles to win it back. ...
by Getthebeerens
23 Dec 2018 14:05
Forum: The Team
Topic: Jose’s task starts here
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Re: Jose’s task starts here

If José can come in and give the squad a bit more confidence that will be half the battle won. If you look at the youngsters that have come in they are playing without fear and mainly impressing. Glad we have had a complete change in coaching staff too particularly a new fitness coach. Moving into J...
by Getthebeerens
11 Dec 2018 13:09
Forum: The Team
Topic: New Manager
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Re: New Manager

Whoever the new manager is, if he does manage to keep this set of players in the championship I don't think it should be under estimated on what an achievement it would be. The fact is whoever takes on the job will need at least 3 transfer windows to clear out most of the deadwood in our squad. If i...
by Getthebeerens
04 Oct 2018 13:41
Forum: The Team
Topic: Next Reading Manager
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Re: Next Reading Manager

I would be quite happy with Mick McCarthy, looks like he done a good job with Ipswich on limited resources and knows the league. As long as any new manager comes in and doesn't talk about getting to the Premiership. Even the new signings talk about getting to the Premiership.............lets just tr...
by Getthebeerens
03 Oct 2018 14:10
Forum: The Team
Topic: BFT - I don’t know what to call it
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Re: BFT - I don’t know what to call it

Not sure what was a worse decision me buying a season ticket this year or Paul Clements team selection last night ? He said he wants his players to fight for a place in the starting 11 and when they do well he drops them. Why we ever changed the starting 11 yesterday I will never know. I have lost a...
by Getthebeerens
03 Sep 2018 14:01
Forum: The Team
Topic: Team for Preston (A)
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Re: Team for Preston (A)

I would go with the below team, not too many changes to the side that played against Sheffield Wednesday. Sims coming in for Aluko and Bodvarsson in for Meite. I think we need to try and get a settled side from now on. Making changes every week last season caused us lots of issues under Stam. I just...
by Getthebeerens
02 Sep 2018 18:25
Forum: The Team
Topic: Clement
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Re: Clement

Clement in for me. Sacking managers is what has got us in this mess.

Most of our issues have come down to stupid individual errors in my opinion. I'd just love to see a few players show that this run of form is hurting them at the moment.
by Getthebeerens
01 Sep 2018 22:43
Forum: The Team
Topic: BFTG - Weds H
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Re: BFTG - Weds H

Well what a load of rubbish that was. An all to common performance at the Mad Stad Over the last 12 months. We made Sheffield Wednesday look like Barcelona at times today. I get that we will play bad and I get that we will lose games, I would just love to see some players moaning at each other perha...
by Getthebeerens
29 Aug 2018 23:37
Forum: The Team
Topic: MATCHWATCH : Watford (h) sponsored by a difficulty to enthuse
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Re: MATCHWATCH : Watford (h) sponsored by a difficulty to enthuse

Well Watford looked like a very decent outfit tonight. And got the result they probably expected a comfortable 2-0 victory. Thankfully there won’t be many teams like that in the Championship this season. But tonight was a real eye opener to how far off we actually are. Our biggest issue tonight was ...
by Getthebeerens
23 Aug 2018 12:38
Forum: The Team
Topic: MATCHWATCH : Blackburn Rovers (a) sponsored by 3 league wins in 2018
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Re: MATCHWATCH : Blackburn Rovers (a) sponsored by 3 league wins in 2018

A very frustrating result which was looking like a comfortable 2-0 win until the silly mistakes by McShane. Despite Blackburn's pressure in the second half which you would expect from them being the home team, we actually had been dealing with it pretty well. Onto the positives it was good to finall...
by Getthebeerens
20 Aug 2018 13:57
Forum: The Team
Topic: BROBOT OUT!!!!
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Re: Clement OUT!!!!

Sacking managers constantly has probably contributed to the failings over the last few years in my opinion. In defense of PC the performances have improved. I am not watching a team that is having its own goal bombarded every 5 minutes. We are also creating chances but just not taking them at the mo...
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