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by Mid Sussex Royal
12 Nov 2009 20:42
Forum: The Team
Topic: Kebe Vs Gilkes
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Re: Kebe Vs Gilkes

Gilksey weighed in with a fair few goals and was a fairly good wing back - particularly in system used towards end of 1994/95 play off season.

Great goal against Luton in Simod
by Mid Sussex Royal
12 Nov 2009 20:35
Forum: The Team
Topic: Nevada Phillips
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Re: Nevada Phillips

Picture above is Robin Friday - I am fairly sure it is at the Goldstone Vs Brighton - he was sent off following a spat with Mark Lawrenson - don't think he played another league game.
by Mid Sussex Royal
08 Nov 2009 21:25
Forum: The Team
Topic: 30 years ago today
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Re: 30 years ago today

The Brentford away game in 1985/6 was a good one - I think Peters scored in that game as well equalising in the first half and Trevor Senior got the winner right at the end of the game and up our end - he chested down a long throw and hooked the ball in to the far corner. I think it was one of the 1...
by Mid Sussex Royal
02 Nov 2009 21:42
Forum: The Team
Topic: Stoke fan here fellas
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Re: Stoke fan here fellas

I would class Stoke & Reading as similar size clubs now - they have largely been in the same league for the last 15 years - in fact this is probably the only time during that period they have been more successful & in a higher division. When they go back down (next 2 years a certainty) their...
by Mid Sussex Royal
31 Oct 2009 17:51
Forum: The Team
Topic: Rodgers Hits Out
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Re: Rodgers Hits Out

I can see where BR is coming from and I find it depressing that most sides are promoted from this league playing route one. It is even more depressing that once promoted sides can survive playing the same way in the prem - I saw 10 mins of Stoke play on Football First the other week and straight fro...
by Mid Sussex Royal
19 Oct 2009 20:26
Forum: The Team
Topic: Second-half problems
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Re: Second-half problems

Some good relevant posts here. I am not local any more but I notice a distinct lack of any criticism/questioning by the local press. Why don't the local press/radio ask challenging questions about what is going wrong? Or are they just not included in the on line versions? The evening post and chroni...
by Mid Sussex Royal
11 Oct 2009 21:32
Forum: The Team
Topic: New RFC vid on YouTube
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Re: New RFC vid on YouTube

Remember the Chelsea away game - did Gordon Durie get a hat trick in the first 25 mins?

Remember Colin Gordon heading in a corner about 15 mins from the end which put us through - was behind the goal miles from the pitch
by Mid Sussex Royal
05 Oct 2009 21:40
Forum: The Team
Topic: Does sacking managers work?
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Re: Does sacking managers work?

The only 2 times I can remember when we have changed manager well into a season when we have struggled we have been relagated Charlie Hurley 1977 - relagated end of season to div 4 Bullivant - 1998 - relagated to league 1 (or whatever it was then) Burns was sacked at the start of the season and inde...
by Mid Sussex Royal
01 Oct 2009 19:33
Forum: Club Policies
Topic: Club Financial Statement
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Re: Club Financial Statement

What about gate money, sponsorship etc etc?
by Mid Sussex Royal
28 Sep 2009 20:31
Forum: The Team
Topic: Preston prediction thread
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Re: Preston prediction thread

Don't feel confident about this - 0-4.

We've had some beatings there over the years - last time I went there we lost 0-4 - I think Mass Sarr was sent off??

Also remember another defeat when Ken Price was sent off which as good as sent us down to div 4.
by Mid Sussex Royal
23 Sep 2009 20:28
Forum: The Team
Topic: Why were we so good in 2006-7?
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Re: Why were we so good in 2006-7?

Agree with most of this but I think whilst the top 6 of teh prem is prob stronger than 06/07 there are more mediocre sides now than 06/07
by Mid Sussex Royal
15 Sep 2009 20:16
Forum: The Team
Topic: Reading Hall of Shame?
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Re: Reading Hall of Shame?

On the subject of GK, Sal Bibbo was pretty useless in the handful of games he played.

The season we went down under Bullivant it was his horrendous mistake Vs Tranmere which started teh slide - and they hadn't scored for about 100 hours prior to the game
by Mid Sussex Royal
15 Sep 2009 19:58
Forum: The Team
Topic: Are you glad Madejski's running this club?
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Re: Are you glad Madejski's running this club?

It depends on who bought the club. I would not be in favour of a mega bucks overseas investor as we would lose our identity to some extent and clubs like Chelsea and now Man City do not appear to be well liked by other fans or the press in general - I used to rate Mark Hughes but he sounds like a ri...
by Mid Sussex Royal
14 Sep 2009 21:33
Forum: The Team
Topic: RFC 2nd best manager ever poll
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Re: RFC 2nd best manager ever poll

It's got to be McGhee - his team gave us teh impetus to move grounds as fans were regularly locked out.
by Mid Sussex Royal
13 Sep 2009 20:24
Forum: The Team
Topic: Reading Hall of Shame?
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Re: Reading Hall of Shame?

Malcolm Swain = good shout - in fact most of that season's squad come to think of it.

We finished 16th in Div 4 and were hammered 5-0 at Workington in front of 1100 fans.

Things are not that bad now !
by Mid Sussex Royal
13 Sep 2009 19:55
Forum: The Team
Topic: Cardiff prediction thread
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Re: Cardiff prediction thread

1 -2.

We'll take the lead but they'll level before half time and score again before the hour and play out the game.
by Mid Sussex Royal
08 Sep 2009 20:25
Forum: The Team
Topic: Most gutting moment as a Reading fan.
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Re: Most gutting moment as a Reading fan.

Both play off finals were bad because of the manner they were lost - missed pen for 3-0 V Bolton and joke own goal Vs Walsall when they were running on empty. The relegation to div 4 in 1983 was bad - we won our game and were celebrating but Exeter who only needed a point to finish above us (I think...
by Mid Sussex Royal
02 Sep 2009 20:13
Forum: Rumours and Gossip
Topic: RUMOUR - Brian Howard & a trip to Espana
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Re: Brian Howard.

I read somewhere (was it Reading Chronicle?) he has signed permanant for £500K?
by Mid Sussex Royal
14 Jul 2009 20:17
Forum: The Team
Topic: Old Kit
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Re: Old Kit

Agree 1969 - 1977 was best when we had the narrow hoops with white shorts/socks. I've got a genuine replica top from I think 1982/3 which is half white/half hoops with Osca the kit manufacturer. It's horrible sweaty material though and no wonder the team struggled - I think we went down in that kit ...
by Mid Sussex Royal
04 Jul 2009 12:19
Forum: The Team
Topic: New Signings ?
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Re: New Signings ?

It would be nice to see some money spent soon - Cardiff have just spent nearly all the Johnson money on Chopra although don't think he's worth £4m
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