BFTG - Cardiff

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BFTG - Cardiff

by RoyalAuzzie » 24 Jan 2015 17:29

Get in!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D
What a player Kanu is!
2 wins away from Wembley!
Who do we want in the next round now?

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Re: BFTG - Cardiff

by EverHopeful » 24 Jan 2015 19:05

bradford at home - Parky's homecoming !!!

Rea Ding
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Re: BFTG - Cardiff

by Rea Ding » 24 Jan 2015 19:09

EverHopeful bradford at home - Parky's homecoming !!!

Failing that anyone at home will do, after this weekend anything could happen!!

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Re: BFTG - Cardiff

by floyd__streete » 24 Jan 2015 19:15


Coming from a goal down to win, we only managed that - what - twice in the entirety of the previous regime? Always a bloody pleasure to beat Cardiff. Hope that mug Morrison chokes on his cereal 8)

Two stinking FA Cup draws negotiated so its our turn for something a bit different, something a bit fun. Gotta beat Bradford away and a Parky love in hasn't it?

Tin foil cups at the ready :!:

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Re: BFTG - Cardiff

by Pepe the Horseman » 24 Jan 2015 19:38

Whens the next round guys? X

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Re: BFTG - Cardiff

by AthleticoSpizz » 24 Jan 2015 19:52

Cambridge United home

Unbelievable Jeff
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Re: BFTG - Cardiff

by Unbelievable Jeff » 24 Jan 2015 19:56

Pepe the Horseman Whens the next round guys? X

Valentines Day apaz.

Well done to the fans today...sounded good on radio and had many compliments from Cardeff fans so they must've been good.

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Re: BFTG - Cardiff

by 2.8 lita injection » 24 Jan 2015 20:02

Obita loves the freekick imho

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Re: BFTG - Cardiff

by MmmMonsterMunch » 24 Jan 2015 20:11

Just back. Deservedly through & decent 2nd half performance. Chalobah lost Jones for their goal & got a ticking off but was pretty harsh on us to go in 1-0 down at HT.

We look so much stronger and organised under Clarke and actually have a bit of fight. I had no doubt we'd get back into it & at least earn a replay.

Thought Hector had a great game today probably my MOTM. Pleased Ollie got his debut goal for us too.

I'll not be too harsh on the home fans at Reading any more.....Fcuk me Cardiff were bad today. Just goes to show what effect a shitty ownership & management situation can have as they used to be ok.

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Re: BFTG - Cardiff

by genome » 24 Jan 2015 20:20 ... 2&t=153736

Reading fans at Cardiff City. Approx - 1,550

Decent for fa cup away game I know it's not far but still.

Made the most noise aswell

Out sang us for the whole match.


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Re: BFTG - Cardiff

by LWJ » 24 Jan 2015 20:32

Pog had a great game, again. Seems he has got some passion back! 8)

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Re: BFTG - Cardiff

by Arnie_Pie » 24 Jan 2015 20:38

LWJ Pog had a great game, again. Seems he has got some passion back! 8)

If he continues to play and play as he has been, we have no need for a new striker. He is a superb player when he wants to be.

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Re: BFTG - Cardiff

by MmmMonsterMunch » 24 Jan 2015 20:49

LWJ Pog had a great game, again. Seems he has got some passion back! 8)

If he continues to play and play as he has been, we have no need for a new striker. He is a superb player when he wants to be.

Pog has always been a good player but we do need another striker. He doesn't score enough.

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Re: BFTG - Cardiff

by Fluff » 24 Jan 2015 21:51

What was Fabio having a pop at?

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Re: BFTG - Cardiff

by Nameless » 24 Jan 2015 22:15

Quite amusing to see Pog staring down at him and suggesting Fabio might like to take his chances outside....

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Re: BFTG - Cardiff

by unit » 24 Jan 2015 22:29

First half was awful and fcuk me how many passes were made sideways. But the difference in the 2nd half was brilliant.....well done Gaffer.. Royals fans were fantastic today, in particular "the left side of the stand"....the right side of the stand were good....middle of the stand .......pants

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Re: BFTG - Cardiff

by Kingsley Junior » 24 Jan 2015 23:31

Missed the first ten minutes thanks to some nightmare traffic near the stadium - after a very easy trip up to that point - but totally worth the three miles of frustration to see us win.

A week ago I thought the second half was the best I'd seen us play for ages but we came away with nothing; today we were similarly dominant after the break and got our rewards.

Roll on the 5th round - just hope the draw is favourable as this would be a great year for an opportunistic cup run.

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Re: BFTG - Cardiff

by urz13 » 24 Jan 2015 23:39

Definitely deserved to win - first half was poor but I don't think we deserved to go in behind as we'd had the better of the general play.

The second half was superb, we created hatfuls of chances and looked dangerous every time we came forward. Great free kick from Norwood and a lovely finish from HRK. Fans were excellent, but some dick thought it would be a good idea to bring a smokebomb - tosser.

Federici - 7 Had absolutely nothing to do bar the goal.
Gunter - 5 didn't impress me before he went off.
Hector - 9 outstanding. Won every tackle and dealt with Jones well.
Pearce - 8 very solid, a couple of poor passes.
Obita - 7 looked a lot better than his recent form.
Norwood - 8 poor in the first half but a great goal and ran the game in the second
Williams - 7 typical gritty performance, drove us forward well
Chalobah - 7 poor in the first half but excellent in the second, won the ball back many times
Blackman - 7 one of his better games
McCleary - 7 gave their backline a tough time but didn't affect the game much
Pogrebynak - 7 he played very well in the second half but missed two absolute sitters.

Kelly - 7 was much more adventurous than Gunter, I'd like to see him start
HRK - 8 great goal and looked dangerous
Cooper - N/A

Hoping for a home draw - don't care who it is.

carbek blue
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Re: BFTG - Cardiff

by carbek blue » 24 Jan 2015 23:57

Fantastic result for Reading and the fans today! Great display especially second half, whatever the gaffer said at half time did the trick and with help from the fans we left Cardiff stadium buzzing! Even had my father in-law on a high who's supported the royals for over fifty years, been disillusioned under Adkins and not been to an away game for a very long time. Only sour point, had a dad and his two young children join our row and he explained to my wife they had to move as his kids were manhandled out of their allocated seats by other fans whom didn't want them there! Reading fans or not I would have ripped your head off if you touched my children...little pricks!

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Re: BFTG - Cardiff

by Ian Royal » 25 Jan 2015 00:09

What was up with Gunter?

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