BFTG - Sheffield

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Re: BFTG - Sheffield

by Millsy » 04 Aug 2019 17:19

Let's make no mistake.

We were totally and utterly shite.

Keeper shite.
Defence shite.
Midfield some battling but shite. Where is ejaria when you need him?
Attacking shite, although well done Meite.

Can't score against ten men and let another goal in instead against a managerless team.

Only positive is that this level of utter shite can only be a positive for Gomes' attempts to bring some players in.

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Re: BFTG - Sheffield

by Zip » 04 Aug 2019 19:28

Snowflake Royal
Zip Youmi’s comments concern me. Surely our players are match fit? Why are they looking knackered well before full time? The one thing we know about the Championship is that teams need to be fit.

Part of the problem seems to be we do not know the best position for certain players. Is Meite best playing on the wing? What is Loader’s best position? I have no idea. Was Swift really playing in a CDM role for the first half? Surely not.

We had a very young side playing yesterday. It must have been one of the youngest sides we have played at this level. I’m not sure that’s wise. I don’t see how we can leave someone capable of captaining a team that finished higher up the table on the bench? It seems odd we bought Morrison when we were clearly looking to bring in Miazga too and have McIntyre playing really well.

Early days but this lot must be as fit as other teams otherwise we will see a repeat of Stam’s second season and lots of late goals conceded.

We were playing IMO:

..Yiadom, Moore, Miazga, Richards
...............Rinomhota, Swift

But Barrow spent a lot of time dropping deep or out on the left, Meite spent time going up top and Loader spent time drifting out right wide. Barrett is really the only one who held any sort of position.

Sadly Loader picked up where he left off last season. Looking like he had a very good touch, but lost in that role and not doing anywhere near enough to make something happen. Spent so much of the time with back to a defender and then just pass backwards. Yiadom in particular bombed on loads leaving us very exposed, and Rino basically had to spend half the game playing three positions at once, RB, CB and CM. Things were better on the left as Richards was better defensively and Barrett positionally, otherwise god knows what would have happened with Swift needing to fill in defensively.

I was surprised Miazga started given Morrison had seemed decent and Miazga looked leggy and short of pre-season against Chelsea. But he was considerably better than Moore.

So it looked more like:

...........Moore.........Miazga, Richards
..............Rinomhota, Swift

Football can be such a simple game. Gomes is asking too much of the likes of Loader who is in the very early stages of his career.

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Re: BFTG - Sheffield

by Snowflake Royal » 04 Aug 2019 19:44

Clueless Clement would've done just as well?!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

You mean clueless Clement who kept us up the season before and Swansea (in the Premier League) up the season before that. You talking about that Clement, right?

And Swansea then lost 11 in 13 and Swansea went down after he started them on their jolly way into a downward spiral.
He didnt at keep us up at all.....the other crap teams around us did. We would be a league one side now with that useless sod had stayed. Oh and he bought some utter turkeys with the money he was given.

You can't just re-write history because you hate the guy.

We couldn't buy a win under Stam and Clement got us the two we needed. He absolutely kept us up. It then didn't work out and he's gone, harshly or fairly. But to say he didn't do anything to keep us up is staggeringly one eyed.

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Re: BFTG - Sheffield

by Norfolk Royal » 04 Aug 2019 22:23

Is anyone flogging ‘Guilty, I support Reading T shirts?’ I’ll have a couple if they are.

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Re: BFTG - Sheffield

by leon » 05 Aug 2019 00:19

Norfolk Royal Is anyone flogging ‘Guilty, I support Reading T shirts?’ I’ll have a couple if they are.

Yeah this. That’s was a great banner/flag.

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Re: BFTG - Sheffield

by Forbury Lion » 05 Aug 2019 12:10

Snowflake Royal Our defence, which should have been solid looked a total shambles. Massive holes between Yiadom and Moore. Speaking of which, why have him and Miazga swapped sides?
Tim Dellor put this question to Jose Gomes on BBC Radio Berks
The manager said that Moore was more of an attacking threat on this side and that the mistake/goals conceded were not attributable to the central defenders playing on different sides.

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Re: BFTG - Sheffield

by Snowball » 05 Aug 2019 12:44

I said during the friendlies that the FBs were playing a very high line
and it would catch us out.

Lost count of the times Wednesday got the winger away

The first goal was "caused" by a totally absent right back
and Moore charging across like a loony!

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Re: BFTG - Sheffield

by Platypuss » 05 Aug 2019 18:26

Snowball I said during the friendlies that the FBs were playing a very high line
and it would catch us out.

Lost count of the times Wednesday got the winger away

The first goal was "caused" by a totally absent right back
and Moore charging across like a loony!

Pushing he FB's up is fine when we are at home and so should be on the front foot.
What we can't do is then pass the ball to the opposition cheaply. The movement off the ball continues to be so, so, so poor.

i recall Harris having a pretty carbon copy much earlier chance (which Virginia saved well), due to Loader giving it away cheaply in the same position.

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