Forget Achievements.What Has Been Your Favourite RFC Season

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Re: Forget Achievements.What Has Been Your Favourite RFC Sea

by noelgallagher » 04 Dec 2012 09:33

Promotion at Brentford. That was a good season. Also a major turning point.

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Re: Forget Achievements.What Has Been Your Favourite RFC Sea

by Royal Biscuitman » 04 Dec 2012 09:44

Christof Seems like relegation wouldn't be the worst thing ever for a lot of us...
I'm excited by the thought of working towards winning a 3rd Championship, visiting proper football grounds and getting a few extra games per season.

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Re: Forget Achievements.What Has Been Your Favourite RFC Sea

by wolsey » 04 Dec 2012 09:56

AthleticoSpizz For me, it was 1987

The (old) Division Two....a 1-1 draw at Ipswich on our last game of the season secured our best ever league position finish ever.

Whilst served up a dish of Div 3&4 for the previous decades, this was even pre-cum to our forthcoming Wembley trips and Premier/Division One aspirations.

Had the priviledge to be at that game..penned up in a cage in Portman Road to the corner of the ground....the generousity of the home fans was such, as they even threw money at us.

We finished 13th ..the equal highest ever

It meant a lot in the pre-internet days

(and to prove a point Man Friday)

Agreed - nosebleed time as a Reading Fan.

I was at the Ipswich game - exactly as you described, made all the memorable by seeing Stevie Rich score.

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Re: Forget Achievements.What Has Been Your Favourite RFC Sea

by REMTARDROYAL » 04 Dec 2012 10:33

floyd__streete 94/95. The first and only time I owned a giant foam hand.

My mum and dad split up in the early 90s. Dad went off on a business trip to the states shortly after and came back with massive corporate foam hands for us. Mum exploded into a rage and burnt them.

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Re: Forget Achievements.What Has Been Your Favourite RFC Sea

by If you still hate Futcher » 04 Dec 2012 11:31

For me it's 93/94 too but is closely followed by the season before.

I remember almost being in shock at the pre-season friendlies when we actually started passing the ball along the floor instead of just hoofing it

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Re: Forget Achievements.What Has Been Your Favourite RFC Sea

by Ark Royal » 04 Dec 2012 13:55

Terminal Boardom
Ark Royal Another nod to the 93/94 and 94/95 seasons. There were hints of what was to come during 92/93: we were brilliant in the League Cup tie at Watford, Gilkesy destroyed Fulham on a Friday night and we scared the shit out Citeh in the FA Cup. The pairing of Jimmy Quinn and Archie Lovell by McGhee was inspirational; Shaka Hislop was a wall in goal, two good footballing centre backs in Adie Williams and Jeff Hopkins and Mick Gooding and Kevin Dillon provided guile and nous in the middle of the park. Even so, some of the football that we played in those two years was incredible and Quinn scored some stunning goals - he never seemed to get tap-ins.

Highlight for me was Blackpool away when we totally gubbed them 4-0 and the home supporters applauded us off.

And Tom Jones wore the last pair of shorts out of the kit bag. 93/94 was special. Quality football and big crowds at Elm Park. But my favourite has to be 94/95 as that was the first time that the promised land was realistically within reach. On top of that, there was the greatest goal ever scored by Mick Gooding :lol:

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