BFTG - Fulham

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Re: BFTG - Fulham

by Steve_Upper_West » 04 Dec 2016 19:20

gazzer, loyal royal Forgot to mention in my OP but I love and hate Fulham away. Love the atmosphere and proximity but hate the amount of idiotic wan Kers it brings out. The guys sat behind us moaned all game, I don't mind its it logical but when they have no idea of tactics and sometimes the laws (the ball has to shadow the quadrant for a corner not touch it, and it's called a quadrant not a box) and then the head butt sums up these days. Unfortunately the football was shit too

You must have been near me in P6. "Lino, Lino, it's not in the box. LINOOOOOO !!!" :lol: :lol:

Me too..... we were in P6 row TT 127-129 and the Plonkers in question were just behind. They did make one astute observation at 4 -0 though, that we probably were not going to score five :o

Chant of the day for me...... "We are going up and we are going up" :D

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Re: BFTG - Fulham

by bobby1413 » 05 Dec 2016 08:00

Vicky Pollard Special mention to Chris Gunter gee'ing up the crowd at 2-0 down with 10 men :|

What exactly is wrong with that?

The team were struggling, in Gunter's words they had a bad day and wanted some support and encouragement. I absolutely loved to see that passion of him screaming at the away fans to make some noise. Bloody good on him for trying. The game was obviously lost by then but it's good to see they still wanted to at least keep on fighting.

Are you one of those fans that whine about everything?

- we don't make enough noise
- we sing rubbish songs
- why do we sing the same songs
- we really need a striker
- why did he sign that striker?

... and repeat

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Re: BFTG - Fulham

by stealthpapes » 05 Dec 2016 08:27

Well, I guess, that's my away game of the year done.

Errr, from the off, we were on the back foot and didn't seem to have any clue how to do anything different. Christ alone knows what Gunter saw or heard for the own goal - no-one around him.

Slightly fractious atmosphere - fans and stewards were having strong words at HT, some bloke got pushed up into the portaloos on the way out ("I was just asking the question" if anyone heard it ... christ knows) , pubs closed near the tube station. Even Green got a bit lairy in the queue for the beers.

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Re: BFTG - Fulham

by Kitsondinho » 05 Dec 2016 09:15

Elm Park Old Boy Was I the only one who found it embarrassing how much of a hero's send-off our fans gave Danny Williams? He had just got himself sent off, letting down the team. They had a pretty tough, unlikely, but not impossible task trying to come back from 2 down. He went and we completely subsided.

I was furious with him too! It isn't the first time he has reacted like that either. He was damn lucky at Barnsley not to get a straight red for his sly stamp on Hourihane, shortly after GMac's red. I know at both Barnsley and Fulham he got kicked first....but teams know he is a hot head and are clearly keen on winding him up. His discipline is definitely an issue and Stam needs to address it.

On a more general point, I'm tired of reading about how awful Obita and Samuel were. I really don't agree about either of them being dreadful. Beerens offered Obita no protection and he was doubled up on for most of the game. He is clearly much better as a wing back, so I can't understand why Stam didn't start Cooper and have Blackett play LB if he wanted 4 at the back. Both Obita and Gunter have looked far more effective with 5 across the back, because of the chance to be a bit further forward and the extra protection behind them.

Equally, Samuel suffered from the fact we were just lumping it away most of the time. He can't win headers and he isn't great at holding it up. However the few times he had quick ball into his feet, he did something with it. He worked 2 defenders and crossed it just after Gunter's OG, sadly no-one was quick enough to meet it. He flicked a short pass for GMac soon after and GMac trod on the ball as he ran past the Fulham defender. Finally he worked that space 2nd half.....yes he should have squared it to Kelly, but hopefully he'll learn. Now I'm not saying either of them had a particuarly good game, but I feel both of them had their weaknesses exposed by the way we set up and subsequently played. Obita isn't a left back and Samuel isn't a lone striker.

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Re: BFTG - Fulham

by Silver Fox » 05 Dec 2016 10:03

Elm Park Old Boy Was I the only one who found it embarrassing how much of a hero's send-off our fans gave Danny Williams?

I doubt it. we've got fans who get embarrassed by t-shirts so something as weak as this shouldn't be a stretch

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Re: BFTG - Fulham

by tidus_mi2 » 05 Dec 2016 10:55

Agree about the Danny Williams sentiments, he can be a bit of an exciting player to watch because he does the whole headless chicken thing but getting on the wrong side of disciplinary action isn't new to him and to get sent off when we were getting absolutely battered but still in a recoverable position was completely unacceptable and you can't say it was out of character. I'm not saying he lost us the game, unless there was a massive improvement, we were not winning that game but the red card ended any hope for a comeback and probably contributed to the defeat being as heavy as it was.

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Re: BFTG - Fulham

by bracksroyal10 » 07 Dec 2016 09:48

Bad day at the office all round

But big shout out to the idiots/idiot "ultra wannabe ambassadors of Stone Island" at the top row of the stand who started kicking off at eachother.

Saw someone's hat get thrown down the stand and allegedly this same guy also got elbowed and spat at (didn't see this myself). If this is true then what an embarrasment you are to the club

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Re: BFTG - Fulham

by LWJ » 07 Dec 2016 11:11

Will Fulham be fined for surrounding the linesman after the 3rd goal was originally disallowed?

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