BFTG - Plymouth (A)

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Re: BFTG - Plymouth (A)

by Millsy » 29 Aug 2019 11:38

WoodleyRoyal Not my intention to take over this thread. It was more for the prick who sat next to me, and the off chance he reads this, it might change is behaviour going forward.

Thank you to those who offered support it was just bad luck I guess, the next game I take her to will be in the family zone at the mad stad, should be a nicer experience for her.

The blokes mrs obviously saw my daughter was uncomfortable as she swapped seats with him half way through the second half. For those who say I should have challenged him. I wasn’t prepared to get into an argument with him, not in front of my daughter anyway. There would be the inevitable ‘ not being funny mate but why the oxf*rd would you bring your daughter to an away game I have a right to shout and swear as much as the next man’.

To answer the question of why not move as there was plenty more seats at the front? I agree with most I shouldn’t have to I would expect the prick to have enough brain cells to realise his surroundings. However I must point out the reason for the empty seats at the bottom was because it was pissing with rain and had we sat in the first few rows we would have got soaked. We had no where else to go.

To be honest I'd have a friendly chat with him, in a nice way.

I'm hoping such people get caught up in their activity and don't stop to think what's going on and need a reminder and would probably be awfully apologetic about it, if asked politely and genuinely. Worst case scenario he's the silly little man you assumed he was in which case you've lost nothing and would leave anyway. He wouldn't be angry at you because you'd be very polite and friendly about it, and chances are his wife and people around seeing how you acted in the situation would sort him out. I 100% would have stepped in to support if I was to witness to that polite exchange and outcome.

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Re: BFTG - Plymouth (A)

by Oilroyal » 01 Sep 2019 09:47

Oilroyal I would say Pele should take pens

7 penalties, looked to be 2 down the middle and 5 to the keeper’s left.

I know but it’s his technique that cheats the keeper allowing him to put the ball wherever he wants, and he makes it look easy. Charlton’s No9 Taylor uses the same technique, did it against Barnsley for their pen.

Extra homework needed for the coaching staff

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