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Semi-Final Ticket Sale Details Confirmed

19 March 2015
By Hob Nob Anyone?

The club have confirmed details of ticket sales for the FA Cup Semi-Final with Arsenal at Wembley on Saturday 18 April (kick-off 5:20pm). Tickets are initially on sale to season ticket holders only, but then quickly on sale in tiers based on members' Royalty Points. Tickets are on sale on the basis of one per person. The system means that it will be possible for season tickets holders and non-season ticket holders to purchase tickets as a group after the initial few days of sale.

As the club can calculate who qualifies at each tier they have confirmed that if you have over 300 Royals points then you should get a ticket without any problem: "To help you in your decision-making process, the club are confident that we have enough tickets for all Season Ticket holders and all Member Card holders with 300+ Royalty Points."

The system the club have come up with seems very fair in terms of priorities to make sure regular supporters are able to get tickets. As tickets are being sold one per person it does means that supporters with less than 300 points are likely to miss out - unless they know someone with a season ticket, or enough points, who won't be taking their ticket.

Tickets will be sale on-line, by phone, and in person at the Madejski Stadium ticket office. The club have advised to purchase tickets in person: "We anticipate that the best selection of tickets will be available to personal callers at Madejski Stadium. Individual categories and blocks will be available at different ticket office windows."

As tickets will be in sale by individual blocks it means that fans will be able to choose to purchase seats for the designated singing area - which fans are suggesting should be blocks 110, 111, 112 and 113.

Ticket Sale Dates and Tiers:

  • Tue 24 March: Season Ticket holders only
  • Wed 25 March: Season Ticket holders only
  • Thu 26 March: Season Ticket holders, and Members with over 1500 points
  • Fri 27 March: Season Ticket holders, and Members with over 750 points
  • Sat 28 March: Season Ticket holders, and Members with over 600 points
  • Sun 29 March: Season Ticket holders, and Members with over 300 points
  • In the unlikely event of tickets remaining these will go on sale on Monday 30 March to members

Tickets are on sale in price categories with prices ten pounds cheaper for concession tickets:

  • Green: £33
  • Yellow: £43
  • Blue: £53
  • Red: £63

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