Reading Football Club News: May 2024

Club And Howe Fined For Olise Negotiations

15 May 2024
By Hob Nob Anyone?

Reading have been handed a massive 200,000 pound fine after former Reading player Michael Olise's agent was banned for six months for breaching FA rules concerning his future transfer away from the Royals. Although the fine dates back to negotiations in 2019, Olise left Reading in 2021 for 8 million pounds to Crystal Palace. The agent negotiated a huge 10 percent payout on Olise's future transfer. Olise is of course, without exaggeration, one of the best Premier League players right now. In a season filled with injury he has still emerged as one to most exciting players in the top tier. When Olise is fit and playing, Crystal Palace generally win games and Olise is always involved with goals or assists. He was fantastic at Reading but has taken it up a level in the Premier League with Palace valuing him at over 60 million pounds. Even with that price tag it is likely a team will come in for Olise this summer, which of course will be big money for his new agent.

Reading FC's fine comes with Reading continuing to struggle with finances and relying on loans being provided by a potential new owner. There is further bad news for the club with Nigel Howe also in big trouble for his role in the transfer. Howe, who had been, and continues to be, key in negotiations for the sale of the club has been "issued an immediate six-month suspension from involvement with player contract negotiations and transfer related activity, and a further six-month suspension from all football related activity to commence upon the expiry of the first suspension." Howe has also received a 5,000 pound fine personally. Michael Gilkes and club secretary Sue Hewett have also received a warning for their involvement.

Howe's suspension from football, to follow in six months time, essentially means that he has six months to wrap up the sale of the football club to new owners. That timeline was already something we hoped the club would work within, but it now becomes even more pressing. And more pressing again with another massive bill to pay in the shape of this new fine. The report on Howe's involvmement stated: "his own account of his approach to the negotiation with Mr Tweneboah, and indeed such negotiations in general, is nothing short of astonishing".

The club have issued a statement to say they are "extremely disappointed with the decision" but accept "the Club's conduct fell short of the high standards with which we usually operate, and the Club is committed to ensuring this will not happen again." The Club have stated that the sanctions are excessive and it's hard to disagree. It is a huge blow when we are struggling to do the basic things like pay player and back-room staff wages. The massive fine will cause further issues when the club is working work to get themselves out of the mess it has been in due to past years of poor management.

The 4 Reading FC Games That Highlighted the Latest Season

13 May 2024
By Hob Nob Anyone?

Reading FC is one of the most entertaining teams in EFL League One to watch, thanks to stand-out players like Harvey Knibbs, Sam Smith and Lewis Wing. We enjoyed watching most of their matches but narrowed the best ones down to four, that show the Royals are a force to be reckoned with.

Unique Tapestry of Challenges

In the EFL, each match comes with a unique tapestry of challenges and triumphs. The same is the case with the latest season for Reading FC. Several moments encapsulate the essence of their journey up the league ladder.

Here, betting enthusiasts find Reading FC’s performance as a thrilling addition to the sport. Betting adds an extra layer of excitement to matches as punters make predictions and analyse odds, based on the team's historical performance and the current form. Plus, underdog victories and unexpected outcomes this season have given the Royals a boost in bookie odds and fan morale.

Reading FC’s Season Highlights

The recent Royals campaign in League One was marked by moments of resilience, brilliance, and intensity. This is evidenced by several key matches that show the team's spirit to succeed against challenging odds.

1.           A tense battle of Reading and Lincoln

This match took place on April 6th, 2024. Reading faced off against a formidable Lincoln side, a team that showcased an impressive 16–game unbeaten streak.

The match was held at the home ground of Reading and ended with a draw with the scoreboard 1-1. The tense atmosphere was set when Lincoln took the lead with a set goal from Freddie Draper and the team looked poised to continue their run.

However, Reading showed remarkable tenacity. The standout defender, Tyler Bindon, rose to the occasion in the eighty-third minute, which in turn resulted in an important equaliser from the corner by Lewis Wing. This goal salvaged a point for Reading. This also demonstrated their capabilities to stand their ground against the top contenders.

2.           Derby Day Dram against Oxford United

There was another important match that took place on February 3rd, 2024. This was against the local rival Oxford United. Oxford in the initial stage took the lead position with a mesmerising goal from Mark Harris, in this intense derby.

It seemed as if the match was slipping away from the Royals until a late resurgence saw them level the score with a vital 1-1 draw. The match is nothing less than a testament to Reading's improved form. Further, it set the tone for how resilience was becoming the hallmark of the season.

3.           Recurring Rivalry with Oxford

The start of the season, on December 12th, 2023, marked the first encounter of Reading with Oxford United in a match that ended with a 1-1 draw. This highlighted the consistently good performance of Reading as a team that plays well as a single unit and holds their ground against familiar adversaries.

4.           Thrilling Victory over Blackpool

Reading's thrilling 3-2 victory over Blackpool was among the major highlights of April 27th, 2024. This game underscored Reading’s attacking capabilities. While the team faced an initial setback, Sam Smith was instrumental in the match.

He scored a pivotal header that catalysed the team's comeback. This match was noteworthy for showcasing the ability of Reading to recover and seize a win.

Season Reflections

One thing is common throughout the season: Reading FC demonstrated a commendable blend of tactical intelligence and grit. Even though the Royals faced numerous challenges one after another, they consistently showed that they are capable of competing at a high level.

The ability of the team to secure crucial points at deciding moments holds the key. The series of spellbinding events one after another reflect that the present season was filled with both hard-fought battles and promises.

Reading secured a comfortable position in a mid-table finish. The final 3-2 win against Blackpool marked an appropriate end to a season filled with mesmerising lows and highs.

If, like us, these matches made you a new fan of the Royals, you can keep tabs on their official site for tons of additional news on match reports, club information, team updates, discussions on the sport, and league tables. We’ve also got a ton of content here that’s made by fans, for fans!

Packed With Memorable Moments

The game of football is popular precisely because it’s thoroughly exciting and packed with memorable moments. The above Reading FC matches are prime examples of how the atmosphere of a match can turn from boring to thoroughly electrifying at the drop of a hat.

Whether it was through Reading facing their longtime rivals in Oxford United, or the stunning win against Blackpool, the Royals’ determination was on full display.

We’ve curated well-structured articles on match reports. Fans like you analyse each game, highlighting pivotal points and strategic plays. These articles can help deepen everyone’s understanding and appreciation for the sport.

Coach Methodology

Rubén Sellés took over as the Reading FC manager back in summer 2023, and it’s fair to say he’s not had an easy time of it. With the transfer market not being kind to the Royals, he’s had to make the best of coaching an overall young team, but as our match highlights have shown, he’s doing a top job of it.

His predecessor, Paul Ince, did the best he could with similar restrictions to what Sellés faces, but despite his best efforts and managing to keep Reading away from relegation, his tactics simply weren’t up to the task.

Sellés, by contracts, has made it clear he wants the Royals to play attacking football, as well as back up their plays with defensive strength and a strong work ethic. It seems to be working so far and we can’t wait to see how Reading’s next matches play out.


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New Contracts Offered As Players Depart

11 May 2024
By Hob Nob Anyone?

Reading have confirmed players that will be leaving this summer as contracts expire and loan spells finish. Thankfully the departures are not as dramatic as recent seasons and the Royals will be hoping to hang on to key players when transfers get underway pre-season. There is also some good news with players who were out of contract having one year extensions activated to keep them at the club.

Nesta Guinness-Walker, Matty Carson, Sam Hutchinson and Clinton Mola are all set to leave the club as their contracts expire. Nesta Guinness-Walker was once a first choice player in the starting eleven but fell out of favour after Reading's poor start to the season and found himself out on loan at Stevenage. At Stevenage he found himself playing more from the bench but did notch up 14 league appearances. Clinton Mola spent just one season with the Royals and has not been offered a new contract. At 34 years old Sam Hutchinson was the experience in a very young Reading squad this season but failed to make an appearance since December last year.

Tom Holmes, Dom Ballard, Zane Monlouis and Paul Mukairu will all return to their parent clubs after their loan spells at Reading expire. It will feel strange to see defender Tom Holmes depart as he has not felt like a loan player after his mid-season transfer to Luton Town. Holmes immediately returned to the club he had spent his entire football career at on-loan, and was clearly emotional to finally wrap up his time at Reading during the lap of honour after Reading's final home game of the season against Blackpool. Paul Mukairu showed great promise but will return to Copenhagan after scoring six goals in all competitions for the Royals and making 38 appearances.

Topping the list of players who will sign-on for an additional year is Femi Azeez who hit great form in the second half of the season. It is a shame that longer contracts could not be offered to prevent these players leaving in a years time. Hopefully the Royals will have an impressive season next term, and perhaps a promotion push. That would be of course be fantastic for the club but could see another whole set of young players out of contract and out of the club to "bigger clubs" with no income for the Royals. We can only hope that new owners are able to extend contracts througout the new season. One year extensions have gone to Femi Azeez, Kelvin Ehibatiomhan, Joel Pereira, Michael Craig, Jeriel Dorsett, and Jayden Wareham. Twenty-seven year old Joel Pereira has impressed after becoming Reading's first choice in goal, so it is excellent news to see him retained. Kelvin Abrefa and Tivonge Rushesha have also been offered new contracts that will hopefully seem them stay in Berkshire.

The Early Days Of Reading FC

10 May 2024
By Hob Nob Anyone?

Reading Football Club, more popularly recognized as Reading FC, stands as a professional football club stationed in Berkshire's town Reading, located in England. Having a history that is indeed opulent for having been around for over a century to say the least, Reading FC has had its share of victories, defeats, and events that are etched in the memories of its fans forever; they have come to define what the club stands for. From very modest origins to making it big through the English football hierarchy, this piece is intended to give readers an extensive glimpse into Reading FC's enthralling journey narrative in early days.


Before placing your bets from No KYC onlines casinos to Reading FC, read this glorious team’s early days from us. Reading Football Club came into existence in the latter part of 1871 during the holiday season by a group of young men from the town, led by Joseph Edward Sydenham who convened with his partners at Bridge Street Rooms. The club played its inaugural match two months later on February 21, 1872 where Reading held Reading School to a goalless draw at Reading Recreation Ground. The team gradually strengthened and in 1878 they relocated to an enclosed ground — Reading Cricket Ground. Boasting defensive internationals, Reading clinched their first silverware, the Berks & Bucks Cup in March. They were once considered one of the strongest sides outside London but unfortunately saw a sharp decline in the 1880s after moving to another place. Football prospered in the northern regions, the amateurs of Reading lagged behind and sometimes weren’t even top within their own town. Sports passed them by as it did not favor those who failed to keep pace with changing times or demands placed upon them.

Southern League

During its 22 seasons in the Southern League, Reading nearly spent every year in the first division. As a step towards development as a serious club, Reading built their own stadium for the first time. Located in west Reading, the stadium was opened in September 1896. The history of this ground witnessed an interesting event as it hosted the final all non-league FA Cup semi-final match.

This period marked one of the club's greatest achievements— despite almost facing bankruptcy on a couple of occasions! The Southern League soon emerged as a fiercely contested division. Notable accomplishments included being runners-up in the Division One three times, winning the Division Two title, reaching the quarter finals, defeating Bolton and Aston Villa during the FA Cup matches as well as playing out a cup draw with Manchester United that was captured on film for newsreel presentation. This was an era of success: but it came at a cost.

Reading left the shores of England for the first time on their Italian tour in 1913 where they emerged victorious against AC Milan and the Italian national XI. This led to them being hailed as ‘undoubtedly the finest foreign team seen in Italy’. The tour also saw Holt and Smith earn full caps, with Smith having been part of Great Britain’s Olympic team in 1908 alongside Hanney from the victorious 1912 squad.

The club faced a significant financial crisis due to player losses during the First World War, among which star forward Allen Foster stood out as a notable casualty despite high prospects for English honors. Following Southern League's brief resumption for one season and subsequent efforts by its management committee to secure admission into the Football League, it was not until March 1920 that clubs were allowed entry into Division Three— much lower than what was hoped or deserved, which dealt another blow to their aspirations.

Hall Of Fame Star Edward Brownlow Haygarth


Edward Brownlow Haygarth was an inspiration for Reading FC in the fledgling amateur era. His presence in the club's opening match was almost assured - he emerged as the first documented goalscorer, the first hat-trick scorer and the team's first international representative. He took on the role of captain, becoming the second person to do so. Haygarth's connections with leading figures in football's formative years arguably added prestige to the newly formed Reading club. Haygarth was born in Cirencester in 1854. His journey to Reading was part of his training as a barrister, but he was more than a law enthusiast. He was an all-round athlete, excelling at athletics and proved a valuable bat for Reading Cricket Club.

He was a player who played as a full-back. Alone against seven strikers, his job was just to defend the goal at any cost— but not only defense made him strong. He had an amazing shot, powerful and precise; he never hesitated to face any opponent frontally because most times his weight alone could take away the ball from them. His performance was outstanding every time he stepped onto the field, which drew attention wherever he played. Representing Berkshire paved the way for him to join Swifts, a club based in Slough. It happened in 1875 when he was only 20 years old that he left his mark on FA records during the 4th international match.

His love for cricket flared up, not doused by retirement but redirected towards it. At Cirencester Cricket Club, he played at the top of their batting order— a position that allowed him to display his sporting skills even more prominently. In addition to playing cricket, upon his return from Wanderers in London back to Cirencester he became involved in establishing law practice, thus staking his claim not only among sports enthusiasts but also among legal professionals within the locality.

But that didn't satisfy him— he later became one of the pioneers who established what we currently call the Cirencester Golf Club. An influential figure both on and off different fields (yes, those with grass and holes), he made sure his legacy echoed around his local community each time people engaged in sports— making sure every swing or hit remembered his impact even after he was no longer part of that place for good.