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Dai Yongge Fined Not Banned

20 December 2023
By Hob Nob Anyone?

The threat of further points deductions have faded after the EFL turned their attention to Reading owner Dai Yongge rather than the club as a whole. Dai Yongge has been fined 20,000 pounds for failing to cover staff wages, with a further 50,000 pound fine to follow in January if he fails to pay the money into an allocated account. However the recommendation that he is banned from all football activity for 12 months will not be enforced, leaving him in control of the club on an on-going basis. There is no immediate end in sight to Dai Yongge's control of Reading Footbal Club.

The EFL believe that Dai Yongge's dodging of payments to cover salaries is "deliberate misconduct", which confirms he continues to drag the club down with no benefit to either himself or the club. His bizarre behaviour has left the EFL to concentrate on penalising Reading's owner rather than the club directly. The statement included "some re-assurance to the management, staff, and players at the club, who continue to act as outstanding ambassadors for Reading FC, despite the challenging circumstances"

It appears Dai Yongge's reaction to the protests from Reading fans is to cling on to control of the club, while failing to provide required funds. He continues to drag his heels on the sale of the club as rumoured take overs come and go with no progress being made. Meanwhile Reading sit firmly in the relegation positions and still seem set to sink into League Two.

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