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Club Quiet On Bunditkitsada Takeover

16 June 2014
By Hob Nob Anyone?

There is still no confirmation from Reading FC on the reported agreement for wealthy Thai businessman Samrit Bunditkitsada to take over ownership of Reading Footall Club. John Madejski has allegedly agreed to transfer ownership of the club to Bunditkitsada, in a deal that will first need to be verified by the Football League. Any sale of the club would involve a symbolic sum of money only, but the value would be much greater with the new owner expected to pay off the club's debts when they take on full ownership. Unlike the arrangement with Anton Zingarevich, Madejski is expected to pass over full ownership. Zingarevich has been fully out of the picture since the end of January, leaving Madejski in full control of the club, and free, to conduct talks over the sale of the club.

Bunditkitsada is reported to have existing interests in football and is chairman of Police United who play in the Thai Premier League at a stadium with a 25,000 capacity. He has a number of business interests and is owner of an insurance business and an investment company. After the shambles of the previous takeover from Zingarevich and his investment group, the club are continuing to keep the news quiet until they are confident the takeover will complete. Little appears to be known about Bunditkitsada, and his company Billion Investment Company Limited seems to be a low profile operation that lists its address as a room within an office block in Bangkok - an address shared with Google Thailand. It remains to be seen if the takeover will really complete, and if it does, if it is good news for the club or not.

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