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Most memorable moments in Reading Football Club's history

11 July 2022
By Hob Nob Anyone?

Football is regarded to be the biggest sport in the world, and when it comes to England, one can see that there are many football clubs. One in particular that has a long and stunning history is Reading FC. It's been 151 years since being founded, so it's no surprise that within that time span they have created some special moments.

But there are some moments that are more important than others. Moments that many fans hold dear to themselves. Well in this article we will be seeing which are the most memorable moments in Reading FC’s 151 year history.

Imagine yourself being in the moments that will be mentioned below, witnessing your club winning the league, or seeing them play in the new stadium. Fans have been seen celebrating and enjoying themselves. Imagine if you placed a bet at 32Red sportsbook that Reading would win the league with a record points tally. These are the moments that people will cherish for the rest of their lives.

When The Club Turned Professional

After 24 years of operation, the club turned from amateur to professional. This gave the club a rise in their name and saw many players looking to get into the club as fast as possible. The club grew bigger and bigger as months went by, and with fans increasing the club saw a need for a larger stadium and in 1896 the club moved to Elm Park which saw them play in the Southern League for the next 25 or so years.

First Ever Trophy

Going into a new league was always going to be difficult, but to end up runners-up in the Southern League after just being in it for just 7 years is out of this world. This was the first time they came close to winning a professional trophy. This was the start of something special as they went on to end up runners up in the years 1904/05 and also 1914/15.

But in 1910/11 their first trophy finally came, as they won the second division of the Southern League which saw them getting promoted to the first division in the Southern League. Who knows what the players were feeling at that moment. Winning the clubs first ever professional trophy. Who knows how the fans were feeling, after all those years of support. It was finally time for the fans to celebrate as Reading FC became champions for the very first time.

Championship winners

In more recent history, Reading FC has won the Championship on 2 occasions, which were in 2005/06 and 2011/12. Both of these championship wins saw them getting promoted in what is regarded to be the best league in the world. Winning a league title is special but winning it with a record under their belt is even more special. In the 2005/06 year Reading FC won the League with a points tally of 106, the most achieved by any team in history.

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